Scalpers seek up to $125 for Bills-Jets tickets in Detroit

Only minutes after the Detroit Lions made available free tickets for the Bills-Jets game, fans who had waited in line were being turned away at the Ford Field box office in Detroit.

While the team had planned to distribute tickets from 10AM to 3PM today, fans scooped up 500 tickets within 10 minutes of the line opening.

Scalpers who were at the front of the line looked to flip their tickets to those who were turned away outside the stadium.

One industrious man was apparently seeking $125 per ticket.

“This ain’t a free game, man,” one scalper told Mike Rodak. (ESPN Buffalo, 11/23)

Brian Bassett,

While it was nice of the NFL to give out free seats, it is amazing to me that only 500 made it past season ticket holders to get to the general public … it seems stingy, but it might have been more about limiting the secondary ticket market.

Selling free tickets to events is illegal in most states.  In the state of Michigan it is illegal to resell them over face value, therefore, even accepting pennies for one of these free tickets is technically illegal.

For that reason, it makes sense why the secondary ticket market sites like StubHub and the NFL Ticket Exchange have been dark.  The only place where tickets might be moving online seems to be Craigslist, but it looks as if moderators are flagging and taking down potential violators.

Good luck if you are trying to get tickets to the game, but please be smart and safe!

Link: Patience required with Pryor

Mark Cannizzaro writes for the New York Post that one shouldn’t be too quick to judge rookie safety Calvin Pryor:

Pryor, only 22 years old, seems like a rookie who gets it. Sure, he has made some mistakes this season, perhaps the most egregious of which was being late for some meetings, which triggered his benching. But he, too, has not been put in an ideal position to succeed by the Jets’ coaches.

That, however, has been a cause-and-effect to the Jets’ cornerback position being ravaged by injuries. That has forced the Jets to play a lot more zone than the man-to-man head coach Rex Ryan loves to employ, and has forced them to play Pryor deeper in the back end. That compromises his most aggressive and impressive trait — the ferocious hitting he did in college that earned him the nickname “Louisville Slugger.’’

Brian Bassett,

While Pryor has struggled to adjust to the NFL, he is still plenty talented and with better players around him he might not get as exposed as much as he has been this year.

That said, he still needs to learn to get better at technique like taking better angles at ballcarriers and understanding and communicating his role and responsibility within the scheme.  Pryor might be the “most talented” coverage player at safety this year for the Jets, but maybe the Jets should consider deploying Pryor much more regularly around the line of scrimmage and drop a veteran player like Jarrett back into a coverage roles.  It might seem counter intuitive, but based on the way Jarrett played last week and where Pryor might be more comfortable, the Jets should make the switch there before the season is out.

Tickets to Jets-Bills game in Detroit offered for free

After the Jets-Bills game was moved out of Buffalo due to seven feet of snow for a Monday night tilt in Detroit, the NFL has announced that they will be giving away free tickets free to interested fans.

“We are pleased to be hosting the Bills and Jets for their game Monday night,” Lions president Tom Lewand said. “While our thoughts are with the people of the Buffalo area during this difficult time, our team at Ford Field will do everything we can to be good hosts to their team this weekend.”

Tickets will be available to Lions season-ticket holders first on Friday and then to the general public starting Saturday via the Detroit Lions’ website. Tickets also can be claimed at Ford Field on Sunday and Monday prior to the 7 p.m. ET game. All of the tickets are general admission seating.

The Lions also will host a 50/50 raffle Monday night with benefits going to the American Red Cross of Western and Central New York Disaster Relief Fund.

Brian Bassett,

If you are a Jets fan in the Detroit area, this sounds like a great opportunity to go see your favorite team free of charge and, if you like contribute to a good cause that will benefit those affected by the storms in Western New York. 

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With the Buffalo snowstorm rendering Ralph Wilson Stadium an unplayable location, the Jets prepare for a Monday night game with the Bills at Detroit’s Ford Field.

Quote: Rex on fans in Detroit

“I hope so. I hope so. I hope there are a lot of Jets fans.”

-Rex Ryan on if Jets fans will turn out in Detroit on Monday