Daily Links: Making them pay

– Jets must find a way to sign Wilkerson long-term [NY Post]

– Why has Marshall been so effective? [NJAM]

– Jets-Pats unlikely to be flexed to primetime in week seven [FOX Sports]

– 3-1 start bodes well but guarantees nothing [Jets Official Site]

– Jets OL ranks just 14th so far, but that’s all Ivory needs [PFF]

– Jets and Giants suddenly trending up []

BentBent, Some people might be surprised to see the Jets only ranked in the middle of the pack on the offensive line, especially after the team had so much success running the ball against Miami on Sunday. However, those grades are made up of cumulative grades for each lineman, so they take into account every positively and negatively graded block. When you’ve got a runner like Chris Ivory, you can often have success running the ball even where players have negatively graded blocks on the play because if they get beaten and Ivory breaks the tackle, the play still has a chance to work. Ivory has broken 15 tackles and averaged 3.3 yards after contract per carry through three games.

Another way to look at the offensive line’s performance is through the Football Outsiders rankings, which are based solely on statistical production, albeit adjusted for variables such as situation or strength of opponent (and the Jets have faced some good defensive lines so far). They have the Jets ranked 2nd in terms of pass protection and 9th in terms of run blocking.

When I spoke to James Carpenter on Friday, he was confident the offensive line would get better and better as the season progressed. At the moment, they’ve been inconsistent, but – as we’ve seen – when they’re clicking, they can look really dominant. Hopefully they can build on the success they’ve had so far.


GEICO SportsNite: Cromartie on fast start

Antonio Cromartie joins the show to discuss the Jets’ optimism after starting 3-1, how the defense can get better and Chris Ivory’s success.


Daily Links: Flying up the charts

– Ivory is the engine, Fitzpatrick the driver [NY Post]

– Jets cracking the top ten in most power rankings [NJAM]

– Jets searching for something bigger than mediocrity [ESPN New York]

– Jets are happy but not satisfied [Jets Official Site]

– Ivory makes the all-pro team (Wilkerson honorable mention) [PFF]

– Walder: Marshall is the key to the success [NY Daily News]

BentBent, With the bye week here, a lot of people are taking stock of this Jets team, which has done well to navigate what, on paper, was expected to be one of their toughest four game stretches of the season.

However, it hasn’t actually worked out that way, with the four teams they’ve faced so far being only 5-11 between them. The Jets have obviously contributed to that with three of their wins, but it’s still a situation where all four opponents have had their struggles.

I’m sure some of the games that were previously seen as easy on the schedule will prove to be tougher than expected after the bye. The Raiders, for example, are outperforming expectations. However, at this early stage of the season, the only teams with a winning record on the Jets’ schedule are the Broncos and Patriots, albeit that this represents three games against teams who are currently unbeaten. If the Jets can maintain their momentum and take care of beatable teams, they’re going to be in the postseason mix all season.


Jets Extra Point: Keys to success

The panel discusses the keys to the Jets’ victory over the Dolphins in Week 4, Chris Ivory’s physicality as a running back and the defense.


Bowles: ‘We haven’t accomplished anything’

The transformation of the New York Jets began, in large part, the day they hired Todd Bowles.

The franchise was in disarray and in search of a coach who could get back to winning on the field – and not just in the headlines. Bowles has been a perfect fit so far, a low-key and even-keeled leader who refuses to be satisfied, not even after opening 3-1.

“We understand that we’ve only played one quarter of the season and all we did was get off to a good start,” Bowles said during a conference call Monday. “We haven’t accomplished anything.”

Read more…


GEICO SportsNite: Bowles grades Jets

Jets coach Todd Bowles grades the team’s performance in London and explains his team’s mindset with Jeane Coakley.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson has been the team's starting left tackle since 2006 and has been a fixture - rarely missing a snap.  Ferguson's durability cannot be understated, but his play tends to rely on the quality of the player to his immediate right.  A quality pass protector and moderate run blocker, Brick might be in his final year with the team with a $14 million cap hit looming in 2016.

Daily Links: Back to work

– Willis: Even Brick is amped about this team [NY Post]

– Fitzpatrick flawed despite Jets win [NJAM]

– Jets not sure yet of return date for Harris, Williams [ESPN New York]

– Home comforts help Jets on transatlantic trip [CNN]

– OL helps Jets (and Giants) prosper [Wall Street Journal]

– A healthy Ivory is the Jets’ secret weapon [NY Times]

BentBent, The bye week is upon us and the Jets – who flew home immediately after the game – planned to reconvene stateside for a couple of days before giving the players the rest of the week off.

While I’m glad the bye week is here because I’m exhausted, we’ll still have plenty of content for you between now and the next game a week on Sunday. Keep coming back to TJB over the next couple of weeks and I’ll have a scouting report on the newest Jet, Dion Bailey, as well as an Expendables update and the BGA Extra from Sunday’s game. If the Jets sign any new players to the active roster, I’ll break them down too.

In case you missed it, please check out my coverage from the weekend.

– Friday practice recap and player comments [Friday]

– An in-depth chat with general manager Mike Maccagnan [Saturday]

– BGA game preview [Sunday]

– BGA game review articles, including player interviews [Monday]


BGA Wrap-up: Jets “at” Dolphins

I was going to close today’s London-themed BGA with an elaborate Shakespearian tragiparody but I don’t think this week needs any gimmicks because the defensive performance was entertaining enough already.

Instead, I’d like to use this space to thank you, the readers, for your support and comments over the years. This was a pretty awesome experience that wouldn’t have been possible without you guys visiting the site, participating in the discussions and supporting the site. I was determined to give you guys a taste of this weekend in London so I hope I didn’t let you down! If you did want any more detail, you know where you can get it…

If you have any questions or would like me to look at something more closely, please leave your questions here in the comments, email them to or tweet them to @bent_double and I’ll respond in BGA Extra later this week.

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