Audible: The 2010 Fullback

Every offseason, around this time, we start to drill down on the position groupings for the Jets as we start to think about free agency and the draft. So, in the spirit of our “Audibles” we wanted to hear your thoughts on each unit and what the Jets should consider addressing or leaving alone this offseason. Where do the Jets need to target during free agency, how will the Final Eight rules hamper this for the Jets? Where do they need to trim the fat? Are there any guys down the roster that you think could make an impact?

Next, the Fullbacks

The Jets have an excellent fullback in Tony Richardson, but he’s a free agent again, and is 38 years old.  Does he have another season in him?  I’d say let the man play if he wants to keep playing .. I haven’t seen anything that’s made me reticent to keep him on the team, have you?

Behind T-Rich is Jason Davis, who was a practice squadder for the team this year.  Do you think he’s able to step into some larger shoes should he need to?