Audibles: Who Will Have Their Name Called Today?

Today marks the day that Hall of Fame voters will select five names from among the list of 15 luminaries below.

Any guesses on who it will be from among the list of names below?

Larry Allen, G (Cowboys )
Jerome Bettis, RB (Steelers)
Tim Brown, WR (Raiders)
Cris Carter, WR (Vikings)
Ed DeBartolo, owner (49ers)
Kevin Greene, LB (Steelers)
Charles Haley, LB (Cowboys/49ers)
Art Modell, owner (Browns/Ravens)
Jonathan Ogden, T (Ravens)
Bill Parcells, (Giants/Patriots/Jets/Cowboys/Dolphins)
Andre Reed, WR (Bills)
Warren Sapp, DT (Buccaneers/Raiders)
Will Shields, G (Chiefs)
Michael Strahan, DE (Giants)
Aeneas Williams, CB (Cardinals)

Let us know in the comments below!

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop @Michael Stewart @spider43 I understand your point, however; Scherff played LT in college and is projected to move to either RT or OG. He is not a natural OG and there are very capable OG in this draft that will play OG better or equally as Scherff and not cost the Giants the 9th overall selection. As for under valuing Scherff, that's incorrect as I understand he is rated in the top 12-15 top prospects, based on all the articles and mock drafts. If Reese was selecting 12 to 16 in this draft, Scherff would be a good choice and worthy, however; Reese is picking in the top 10 for the first time as the Giants GM and hopefully he understands how important this draft will be for him and the Giants. He must not pick a good player in Scherff (save pick) who will be transitioning to a new position (RT or OG) at the pro level. Reese needs to draft a prospect who will make an impact and I feel their will be at least 2 or 3 prospects that will be more suitable than Scherff


@Michael Stewart... You made the same point I did, just in different words, and not as long-winded as myself. I guess I just get very passionate about how wasteful Reese can be when making selections that seem to the naked eye to be reaches or gambles, rather than focusing on players who will be solid football players and contributors from the start. I have a pet peeve about how other teams can always manage to find instant starters, but Reese and Company would rather select players to "develop" over 2 or 3 years before they even make any meaningful impact.

I agree totally about Scherff. He might eventually be a solid player or even a star, but I still don't think he's even as good as any of the Tackles who have come touted before him in the last 2 or 3 drafts. If a Guard is really needed that badly, then wait for Rounds 2, 3 or 4 to find one; don't be risking the #9 selection on a player you have to move to Guard.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@spider43 @Michael Stewart Your points are well taken, however; your assumption that I am hoping Reese drafts Parker is premature. Although I am not in total agreement with you in your assessment of Parker, I do think Reese has his own agenda when it comes to the draft. I would rather the Giants draft a defensive player, preferably a pass rusher in the 1st round. As for your hopes of the Giants trading back in the 1st, not likely based on Reese's history. I certainly do not want Scherff's name being called in the 1st, as the Giants can draft a true OG in rounds 2-4 that are just as good as Scherff.


@Michael Stewart @spider43

I think you are under valuing Scherff, he is Top 12 on EVERY Big Board i look at....

in the New Pass Happy NFL, OG are a must:

1. Every QB hates pressure up the middle, a collapsing pocket is a NightMare.

2. Top  OG's open up the Run game, the NYG's #1 offensive problem.


to make a judgement now that you don't want a position picked is ludicrous since there is no way of knowing how the board will look at nine, bpa covers all scenarios no matter how the board falls one thru eight.

it looks like there isn't an ol (tackle) worthy of the ninth pick, if scherff is to be picked the jints need to move down and get an extra pick(s), remember zach martin completed the dallas o line he was just a part not the main cog no guard is.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@spider43 Your comparison between Parker and Nicks is not a good one. Nicks is more of a possession WR and Parker is game breaker (averaged 19.9 yards per touch in 2014) If Parker had played a full season in 2014, he would have matched or even eclipse the stats of White or Cooper. This is not to discredit White or Cooper who are both worthy of top 10 selection. Also Tre Jackson would be a solid pick for the Giants in the 3rd round. He is a natural OG and a solid run blocker; which the Giants need more than a pass blocker in OC Ben McAdoo's system.


@Michael Stewart.... Even if what you say regarding Nicks vs. Parker is factual, I wasn't comparing them in terms of game breaking talent. My basis of comparison was due to similarity in size, and functionality to serve as a #1 WR, because that was what Nicks was until Victor Cruz came out of nowhere. But now that Beckham is on the team, I'm sure he's the #1 WR, and Cruz merely slots back at the slot receiver position once healthy.

Parker (compared with Nicks) is an undisciplined route runner and unreliable to stay healthy, which is why the comparison to Nicks, who also became unreliable in the last two years of his contract due to health and attitude issues. Again, if Reese wanted Nicks back, he could have had him back fairly cheaply compared to the money he was seeking as a free agent when he first walked away from the Giants after 2013.

My position has been for the last two years that this team needs a talent infusion of players who can make an immediate impact by "hitting the ground running". Beckham managed to do that last year once he finally got healthy. Parker on the other hand, despite his talent, I don't see him as a player who will impact immediately like Cooper or White may. I give him credit for being a player who has great vertical ability to spread a field, but I'm not convinced he's on par with Cooper or White in terms of talent. If speed and verticality are all you care about adding as dimensions to the Giants offense, then there are players who can be selected later who can still offer those features without being as much of a reach or gamble to use your 1st Round pick on. Sammie Coates, Phillip Dorsett, and Justin Hardy come to mind who would offer good value later in the draft for just such a dimensional need.

Compared to Cooper or White, I think Parker falls short, if not a "project" player, then one who certainly will have a hard time supplanting any of the Giants current starters, including the often maligned Ruben Randle.

Let me put it a different way... I read an article recently that I strongly agree with that simply stated that if Cooper, White and Parker were available in the talent rich WR draft of 2014, Cooper and White would have only been the 4th and 5th best WR's available AT BEST, rated behind the likes of Beckham, Mike Evans, and Sammy Watkins. Where does that leave Parker?  Maybe 6th rated at best, possible less. I wouldn't use the #9 pick on Parker, because his talent or ceiling (whichever you want to use as a barometer) doesn't even match up that favorably to the receivers who have come before him. He is not yet in their league, and if you're drafting in the Top 10, you need to hit on your pick, not be reaching for players who "may" pan out.

I will say this much, you and Thom may get your wish and Reese picks Parker at #9 because he can't help himself from trying to capture lightning in a bottle two years in a row with 1st Round wideouts. But it's not really the best use of this pick. That would be a different story however if that wideout turned out to be Cooper or White available at #9, but I agree that neither of those players will be there when the Giants are on the clock.

I'm holding out hope for a possible trade down, or selection of an impact player on the defensive side of the ball. I think the defense has been overlooked for far too long, as has the offensive line, but I'm not crazy about the OL talent that is available at #9 either. It would be so much simpler if  the Giants could just trade down and grab a Flowers, Peat, or any position player they rated highly anywhere between 13 - 20 so they could add more depth in the 2nd round and thereafter, but I have no confidence in Reese to manage that. Somebody may trade up to snag Parker, but that doesn't mean the Giants should be the ones to pick him that early. Let someone else do the reaching and gambling. We need starters from Day 1, if at all possible.

Let me offer this... were I in Reese's shoes and I HAD TO HAVE a skill position player who could be a "home run hitter", I would choose Gurley over Parker, BUT IN EITHER CASE, I would prefer to move down the draft board to accomplish that. I would be calling up the Vikings at #11, or Saints at #13 and seeing how badly they wanted WR help in the form of Parker at #9. Then by trading down to their spots, I could acquire an extra pick or two, and still have my shot of selecting Gurley, who would easily supplant Williams or Darkwa on this team and possibly forever relegate Shane Vereen to 3rd down back specialist only. I think that would be a great use of the draft board if Reese managed that. But he won't. So if he stays at #9, I'm hoping for help on the defense. But he'll probably pick Scherff or Parker because he can't help himself.


The clock is ticking for Eli, who I believe has another Lombardi Trophy in him......Eli is the key......everything starts with him.......if I can make my offense elite with the first 2 picks, I would do it.....if White and Cooper are gone, I would take Parker who is a good route runner and has only a few drops since 2012 (I believe if Parker did not miss the first 7 games he could have been the number 1 WR in this draft.....look what he did in 6 games!)......he's a tall Spider man like Plax, and that's the situation I would try and duplicate again - get a similar offense to the 2008 team before Plax's accident in November which pretty much shut down the offense .....

In Round 2 it would be a beast RB - Coleman, Ajayi or Duke Johnson......guys who are home run threats and can make an average OL look better.....then continue BPA after that.....lots of talent in this draft and we are picking at at the top of each round....also, I'm just getting a feeling from Reese-speak since February that it's going to be a play maker.....The Giants picked Pugh first in 2013 and Richburg second last year. I'm not sure they do that again this year with this deep draft....lot's of talented wide-bodies on both sides of the ball and other positions too.......

I want the 2008 offense back....we were unbeatable and headed for a second straight trophy.....I think Parker and any of the above RB's moves us closer to's all about Eli.....weaponize him...... 

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@thom Totally agree with you regarding Parker who I believe Reese will draft if White or Cooper or Fowler or even Williams are off the board; which they probably will be. Parker had amazing stats in only 6 games. and the biggest stats was his 19.9 yards per catch as opposed to White 13.3 and Cooper 13.9. Also, can't see the Giants drafting a RB in round 2 although it's not a bad idea on your part. Look for a RB possibly being selected after the 4th round if the Giants plan on drafting one.


I have seen a lot of mock drafts, and frankly, I'm not really impressed about most of them. I'm beginning to believe that the most "elite" players (even though there are very few who are actually elite) will be gone after the 8th selection of the draft is completed. That to me means the Giants will have only the best choice of the 2nd tier of top talent that is available. With Cooper and White gone, and a slim-to-none chance that Beasley or Dupree will fall to the Giants, I believe the "dream scenario" would be for the Giants to find a willing dance partner and trade down.

But what GM would want to trade up and give up draft pick assets to Reese for a shot at top 2nd tier talent?  Most likely no one. And being that Reese is as unimaginative as they come for making deals to manipulate a draft board to gain value, I expect the Giants to stay pat as they usually do and give us their "best player available" line of BS. I think our DL or Safety positions are of the greatest need to fill with talent, but I would be shocked if the Giants would select a Gregory or Ray to fill that lack of pass rush void they have. Landon Collins is a great choice to fill a Safety spot, but not at pick #9, which is why the Giants need to trade down in the first place.

I'm beginning to think that for the Giants to obtain the best value they can find with their selection at #9 without trading down, they will need to pick a so-called BPA, and unfortunately, that selection may have to come from a position that they already have a strength in. Given the choice between CB and WR, I would take CB Waynes of Mich St over WR Parker of Louisville. Parker seems too much of a reach to me in the mold of Hakeem Nicks, and IF Reese wanted a Nicks-type player, he could have brought Nicks back already when he was available as a free agent this off-season.

Amukamara is no sure thing to be back in 2016 and the Giants will be needing a #2 CB to replace him if he walks away as a free agent. The best contingency against the loss of Amukamara would be to draft his successor this year, and I would prefer it was Waynes over Parker or Scherff. Everyone and their brother is mocking Scherff to the Giants because he's the next "Zack Martin", but this is group-think.

The best arguments against Scherff is two fold - firstly, with the exception of Justin Pugh, Reese doesn't pick OL in the first round. Pugh was picked #19 overall; now that Reese has the #9 overall pick, why would he use a much better pick on an OL when he doesn't philosophically believe in choosing OL in the 1st Round?

Secondly, Scherff is not even as highly rated as Zack Martin was last year as a prospect, despite Scherff winning the Outland Trophy. He's not great at handling speed rushers, so it's almost a given that he will have to be moved inside to play Guard, even though he spent the majority of his college days playing Tackle. Picking a player and making him shift to a Guard position is not the ideal use or value of a Top 10 selection, and furthermore, if a Guard were actually needed to be drafted, one who plays that position naturally and very well could be found in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds.

If the Giants draft Scherff, I'm sure he would be a solid player, but I would not expect him to be anything like Zack Martin, and I would be very disappointed with the selection because he would not represent the best value the Giants could obtain at #9, nor even the best player available in my opinion. But Reese's opinion is the only one that matters, and he is very hard to read which direction he will take at any given draft pick.

Even though I think this talk of RB Gurley is a smokescreen, as a dark horse pick at #9 the Giants could do worse than selecting him, but I hope that if they truly want Gurley, that they can trade down for him rather than stay at #9 and pick him. I would rather have the #1 rated CB in the draft in Waynes than reach for players like Scherff, Parker, and Gurley and then hope they work out as well as advertised. I would rather hope the Giants find some way to trade down so they can collect picks and still get the player they want. I guess we'll find out soon enough who that player might be. I am hoping for help on the Defense with the 1st pick, because that was the whole reason for getting rid of Fewell and bringing back Coach Spags so that our defense would take pressure off our Offense to win games for us. Using that 1st round pick wisely means that we can collect good players but still obtain great value to fill roster spots. We need impact players, not more projects.



there will be plenty of Teams wanting to trade up, the phone will be ringing.... the Chipster, will be one of those Calling, 4sure.

REESE is still full of himself with the Beckham pick, and thinks he's got his Draft Mojo Back. ZERO chance he trades back....

my guess who's off the Board:

1. QB Winston

2. QB Mariota

3. DE Williams

4. WR Copper

5. DE Fowler

6. WR White

..... that leaves REESE a lot of choices.

.... i would trade back, a HUGE amount of 2nd round Talent.


@Skookaloop....  7. Beasley 8. Dupree......   Therein lies the problem. All the best Defensive side of the ball help is gone by the time the Giants pick with the exceptions of Gregory, Ray, Waynes, and Shelton. I doubt Gregory is even an afterthought now after what happened at the Combine. As much as I like Ray, Reese won't want to pick him because of scheme. That leave Waynes and Shelton. Doubt he picks Shelton also because of being stereotyped as a NT. So unless Reese picks Waynes, I don't see who the Giants are going to grab who would be a great defensive player AND great value at the #9 pick. With such limiting factors as the above, I fully expect Reese will ignore the Defense in the 1st Round and make an attempt at a sexy pick for the Offense, which probably means Parker in his eyes. I'm really hoping it's neither Parker or Scherff. Like you, I would prefer a trade down. I just don't have much faith it will happen.


I agree thom  They should draft any one of the top 3 WR.

This draft is loaded with OL and DL.



Very DEEP WR Draft...

1st round 4th - 14th

1. WR Cooper

2. WR White

3. WR Parker

--------- Late 1st. Round to 3rd round...

4. WR Green-Beckham

5. WR Perriman

6. WR Jaelen Strong

7 WR Nelson Agholor

8. WR Phillip Dorsett

9. WR Devin Smith

10. WR Sammie Coats

11. WR Devin Funchess

12. WR Tyler Lockett

13. WR Tre McBride

14. WR Justin Hardy

15 WR Jamison Crowder

16. WR Chris Connley

17 WR Kenny Bell

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop @hammr1952 This years WR group is arguably better than last years group. Also WR in the later rounds are Antwan Goodley, Darren Waller, Austin Hill, Chris Conley just to name a few.


@Michael Stewart @Skookaloop @hammr1952

Yes, thats why i don't want a WR in the 1st.

1. LG La'el Collins:  Beatty / Collins / Richburg / Schwartz / Rugh

2. ILB Stephone Anthony

3. TE Clive Walford

4. FS Durrell Eskridge

5. DE/OLB Lynden Trail

6. WR Darren Waller

7. RB Karlos Williams

7. SS Anthony Jefferson UCLA

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop @Michael Stewart @hammr1952 If you are going by the premise that Reese has said many times that he will draft the BPA 99% of the time, when why would you think that La'el Collins will be the Giants choice with the 9th overall pick. He is obviously not the top 9th best prospect in the draft. The debate between need and BPA is highly over used with Reese. I don't believe you can base your draft strategy solely on one or the other. I would like to know if any GM ever drafted the BPA in every round or draft by need in every round. I would think it would be combination of both.


for 4 seasons the O_line has been a big problem, it's not the sexy pick but it's the pick they should make.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@rico Not in the 1st round. If Reese does so, it would be major mistake for several reasons:

1. First time Reese is drafting in the top 10

2. Reese needs to find playmakers and Scherff is not a playmaker. Reese can find a OL very suitable to Scherff's talent in rounds 2-5.

I hope that Reese makes the right decision in this years draft and not let any outside influence force into making a major mistake which would be drafting Scherff at #9


@Michael Stewart @rico

1. LG Scherff would be a mistake to Draft at #9...  what if he is the 2nd coming of OG Zack Martin ??? if he comes in as a day 1 starter for the next 4 years, Bingo.

2. REESE might be drafting at #10 Next year... 7-9, 6-10, 2015 = 7-9.

3. the Roster is so depleted, REESE has many Options. LG / DT / DE / SS all have draft able talent at #9. 

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop @Michael Stewart @rico The draft is full of what if scenarios. No one knows for sure, not even the so-called experts. Personally; I do not want to hear Scherff's name being called in the 1st round for the Giants.


I will be surprised if Mara, JR, TC, Marc Ross and the scouts team made the consensus pick of an offensive lineman with the 9th pick in this deep draft.........I believe they go WR to juice-up OBJ and Eli........