Listen: The Jets Blog Podcast With Special Guest Joe Namath

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett host the latest edition of TheJetsBlog Podcast, as Gang Green comes back from the bye week to face the Seattle Seahawks.  This week’s special guests are Super Bowl III MVP and Jets ring of honor member, the great Joe Namath, and Nick Eaton from the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Quote of the Week: 
“I think that the fans haven’t been given a fair shake. I don’t think they get a straight story, often enough, from the powers that be. I think it’s kind of condescending talk a bunch of times, in telling us how they’re developing and who they’re getting. I think it’s been disrespectful.” — Joe Namath


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Intro with hosts Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett

  •  How to help people struggling after Hurricane Sandy
  • Recap of last week’s predictions, Brian and Corey are all tied up
  • A complete wrap on Jets/Dolphins
  • Heading west to Seattle

Former Jets QB and Hall of Famer Joe Namath calls in (21:40)

  • Talking Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez
  • Is there enough talent on this team?
  • Joe’s thoughts on the goals of ownership and the front office
  • Have the fans been lied to?
  • How do the coaches feel?
  • What’s gone wrong and what can be fixed?
  • What Joe is up to now, and why he’s separated from the team
  • What’s gonna happen in Seattle this Sunday?

Corey and Brian discuss home field advantage

Nick Eaton of the Seattle Post Intelligencer calls in (42:40)

  • The 12th Man in Seattle?
  • How legit is this team and this rookie QB?
  • Seattle’s Offense and Defense
  • Nick’s prediction

Players to Watch…AKA The Jersey We’re Least Ashamed To Wear

The Forecast (55:30)
Corey and Brian lay down their predictions for this week

See what Joe Namath is up to: and


I see Very Bad O-LINE Problems.....

... and as the Season goes on....

.............. the worse...... they will get.....

add injuries,

and NO Chemistry,

and the OFFENSE will have NO Rhythm,

NO Timing......

....... REESE never FULLY addressed the O-Line....

this is WHY,

OL- Z. Martin was the RIGHT Pick....

..... this DRAFT was WR heavy....

there where other WR to be Had......

REESE has Produced a SUB-PAR ROSTER,

......... and a FAILURE to understand the PROBLEM,


But REESE's DRAFTing & TUNNEL Vision.......


........................... ELI's Golden Years.....


This offense looks dreadful.....but i remember in 07 we had a first time defensive coordinator whose defense gave up 80 points after two weeks and the giants were "dead,done,cant stop a nosebleed" yada yada yada.....what happened again?.....not saying that will happen again but its way early and people need to relax and let things play out a little....