Itttttt’s Mail Time! Send In Your TJB Podcast Mailbag Questions!


After embarrassing Brian last week, we figured it was time to give Corey a taste of the bitter medicine. FYI, we are openly seeking new mailbag art. If you have photoshop (or Paint!) skills, send your submissions to There’s only so many times we can show the J. Peterman Catalog, tacos and Saved by the Bell references.

Also — it’s mailbag time! So send in your TJB Podcast Mailbag questions for tomorrow’s show!

You can ask Corey and Brian anything you want — whether it’s football-related or not. Whatever is on your mind, let the questions fly and you can send them to the guys any of these ways:

Twitter: @cgriffin415 and @Brian_Bassett


Or leave a comment on this thread!

Then, Corey and Brian will pick out a bunch of your questions and answer them during the show.