Listen: The Jets Blog Podcast Episode 6

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett host a happier episode of TheJetsBlog Podcast.  This week’s special guests are former Jets QB Vinny Testaverde and former Jets RB and Hall of Famer Curtis Martin.  Also,’s Around The League writers Gregg Rosenthal and Dan Hanzus call in for a Jets/Pats roundtable chat.

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Intro with hosts Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett

  • Recap of last week’s predictions, things take an interesting turn
  • Rams Recap: Some good things, but the Rams are BAD
  • Jets / Pats: The Sequel

Former Jets QB Vinny Testaverde calls in (15:45)

  •  The 1998 season, what happened in Denver?
  • What do you think of Sanchez?
  • Tebow Talk, how does the backup QB affect the starter?
  • Can the 2012 Jets do what the 2002 Jets did?
  • Jimmy John and Wild Turkey’s Triple Barrel Challenge
  • Vinny’s prediction

 Former Jets RB and Hall of Famer Curtis Martin calls in (27:27)

  •  Can the Jets pull a 2002 and make the playoffs?
  • The current RB’s…and Tebow
  • How would Bill Parcells handle the Daily News article?
  • Bill Parcells VS Rex Ryan
  • The Kinect for Xbox 360 “60 Million Minutes Challenge
  • Curtis’ prediction

Corey and Brian talk Thanksgiving football

Jets/Pats roundtable chat with’s Gregg Rosenthal and Dan Hanzus (39:20)

Players to Watch…AKA The Jersey We’re Least Ashamed To Wear

The Forecast (55:44)
Corey and Brian lay down their predictions for this week


Let me get this straight people because the Giants front office is always making excuses.

The team has won two super bowls with Tom and eli. The past three seasons the offensive line has been crashing and bring subsequently leading to a horrible running game and a horrible eli manning. When the offensive line was productive and Eli had time he was an elite qb.

So what was the thought process behind changing the entire offensive system. The only one eli has known and has been productive in simply because the offensive line could not protect him in the old system.

My question is why not draft and spend the money on better offensive linemen rather than trying change and entire system that has worked for eli?

Why not do your best to compliment and make eli comfortable rather than making him even more uncomfortable late in his career?

Why can't they understand it's the talent around eli not the system. The system has worked in the past.

Nick Correa
Nick Correa

So random thought and wasn't sure where to post but, with OBJ being injured all training camp and the season thus far.....

Could we imagine if the front office was actually using their heads and drafted an outside receiver to compliment Victor Cruz, say like Kelvin Benjamin..... One can wonder....





CLUELESS to the New NFL's ways.....

Someone had to be the ScapeGoat....

SomeOnes head had to ROLL....

REESE has Convinced MARA,

ELI = ScapeGoat: KillDrive's Head Rolls...

So get RID of OC KilDrive & Learn ELI how to Play FootBall...

OtherWise REESE & FeWell would have been FIRED.....

THAT's why REESE went out to get LB Beason----

THAT's why REESE made ELI play DEEP into the LOST Season....

the more ELI struggled the EZ'er it would be for REESE to PROTECT his JOB....

so...... REESE tells MARA,

I, KING REESE, will save this TEAM,

with the NEW Sal-Cap Cash.....

and my BPA, project Player DRAFT SKILLs,

like in 2007....

thats ALL we Need Mr.MARA,

more Sal-Cap: so i can OVER PAY FA's,

the DRAFT: I will DRAFT ALL Capt's,

and a QB / OC, kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone,

to Teach ELI how to throw a Short PASS.....

REESE is a CLOWN.........