The Jets Blog Podcast – Oct. 10: Talking Pitt with Mark Kaboly and Ryan Wilson

Brian Bassett and Corey Griffin are rejuvenated like the Jets! They’re getting ready for Pittsburgh by talking to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Ryan Wilson of Corey and Brian also bring back Bob Wischusen’s best calls from Monday night, and The Forecast tightens up.

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  • Week 5 Wrap
    • Holy S*%t! The Jets won!
    • Bob Wischusen’s best calls from Monday night
  • Mark Kaboly from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review calls in (12:10)
  • Ryan Wilson from and Steelers Lounge calls in (31:00)
  • David Garrard is back, let’s talk QB’s (42:25)
  • The Forecast (45:25)
    • Don’t call it a comeback…

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