TheJetsBlog Podcast: Ari Nissim, Chris Wesseling & free agents!

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett are in a free agent frenzy, and have a fully loaded show covering the craziness. Former Jets front office executive Ari Nissim calls in to take everyone inside free agency on the team side, and later Around The League’s Chris Wesseling joins in to cover all the Jets moves so far and what may be ahead.

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  • Free Agency Rundown
    • Eric Decker
    • Breno Giacomini, and replacing Austin Howard
    • John Idzik’s approach
    • Revis
  • Former Jets front office executive Ari Nissim calls in (13:20)
    • What was your role?
    • Scouting and stats
    • What’s free agency like from the team side?
    • How do the negotiations actually work?
    • Who should the Jets get next?
  • Around The League’s Chris Wesseling calls in (32:50)
    • Eric Decker signing
    • QB’s – Geno, and Vick?
    • Defensive free agents, rushers, CB’s
    • Who fits Rex?


Did anyone listen to Brian and Corey once Chris said Howard was much better and Giacomini would start for a half season or 1 season.  What the guy just started for two season on the Superbowl champions and graded out better than Howard, going against better defensive talent in the NFC west. 

Again if we get a guy he must be bad or why would he come to the Jets.  We have only had one losing season since 2008.  Yet we are supposed to be the laughing stock of the NFL.  Just sad really, that people can't hide the silly bias.  What did the Jets do to deserve this, I am not sure. 


Was waiting for Corey to say that Sanchez shreds defenses and that Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance to win and that Idzik should re-sign Sanchez....



I think I'm coming down with a cold just from listening to this podcast.