TJB Podcast: The offseason review begins…

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett put a final wrap on the Super Bowl and The Forecast. Then, the offseason unit reviews begin with QB’s and TE’s, and the guys open up The Mailbag.

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Super Bowl Wrap, The Forecast Wrap, Random Ramblings

Offseason Unit Reviews (14:55)
QBs and TE’s

The Mailbag (30:45)


OT: I wanted to get this out there. The biggest overblown story this year is the Wilkerson contract situation for 3 reasons

1. wilkerson is not revis there is no way of knowing what his contract demands are at this time.

2. The jets are in a completely different situation from revis. Wilkerson can play out his contract and then get an option for a 5th year. Which would be the AAV of the top 3-25 at his position( i believe that next off season the jets will sign wilkerson to an extension using the option as leverage)

3. If for some reason wilkerson elects to play out his contract fine. we play him another year at a discounted rate, then we can franchise tag the following year him (something we couldn't do with revis)and still negotiate a contract extension. 

This idea that the jets are walking into another revis situation is a complete farce. keeping wilkerson at his current salary for 2014 is hands down better for the team short and long term.