The Jets Blog Podcast – Oct. 17: David Nelson and Pats Week, Part 2


Like the Jets players, Brian Bassett and Corey Griffin are “resting their legs” for Sunday!  The fellas talk with Jets Wide Receiver David Nelson about his work on the field, but also off it with his charity and a challenge to football fans and how he’s using Thuzio to benefit his charity.    Brian and Corey talk about which team will show up Sunday and Brian frets over Gronk, but is happy with his forecast results.

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  • Week 6 Wrap
    • Wha happun?!?
    • Who gets credit/blame for the Steelers surging pass rush?
  • Can we please draft a WR next year?
  • Looking ahead to the Patriots
  • Jets WR David Nelson calls in (18:28)
  • Gronk. Gronk. Gronk.
  • Can the Jets ever win a second game in the season against the Pats?
  • The Forecast (42:03)
    • Don’t call the comeback a comeback…

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