TheJetsBlog Podcast: This preseason wrap is not AWOL

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett put a wrap on the preseason, chatting Dimitri Patterson, other CB options, and the future of Stephen Hill. Also, the final Unit Preview comes down on the signal callers.

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  • Dimitri Patterson, CBs, Stephen Hill, etc
  • Unit Preview: QBs (23:15)


Patterson is a fringe NFL CB?

He just played well last season. I hope your expert opinion is not based on one pre-season game.

I think the Jets feel good about the young CB.  It seems you guys are just reading the tea leaves poorly.

But let's leave open the possibility, it is me reading the tea leaves poorly.

The Jets think the CB's are terrible but did not fork over a couple extra hundred thousand a season for DRC?  Or an extra 500k a year for Vontae Davis?

You guys are smarter than that.  We could have had these guys if we were really felt we needed them. 

The CB's are not terrible.  But as is the custom in NY the sky is falling even when it is not.

Rex and DT are going to put these 3rd string guys on the island every week like Lito Shepard.  Wait we did not put him on an island play in and play out.

Guys your analysis is getting really surface and worse yet inaccurate.  You in particular Brian, should take notice you are getting the fewest posts on the site you created because you add very little context anymore.  It just seems you don't spend a lot of time on the Jets and if that is the case maybe you should just stop the podcast, now.

Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller

As the season gets closer I am starting to rlly worry out about our corners.. Rivers Brady and manning are going to light our cbs up and the season will go down the tube before week 5


Nice Job guys.. Well done.  Interesting topics.  I like your take on Hill.  If Vick does play I  dont expect to see a great upside or down side however pretty much the same value to me. And with Patterson I guess I would feel a hole lot better with AA, Pryor and Landry also playing in the backfeild. I like the topics you guys targeted this week . Cool.

Bent moderator

@Isaac Miller ...but they don't face Rivers, Brady or Manning before week 5!

Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller

Your right my bad. We do face Rodgers, cutler, Stafford, rivers, manning and Brady weeks 2 through 7 and with our corners... we're toast. Burnt toast.