TJB Podcast: Josh Norris, plus Bowl Talk – Super & Senior

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett talk Super Bowl in New York madness, Sapp vs. Sheldon, and future player possibilities with Rotoworld & NBC Sports NFL Draft Writer Josh Norris. Finally, the final round of The Forecast is upon us, as a championship is on the line.

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Super Bowl, Media Day, Sapp VS Sheldon

Josh Norris calls in (13:50)

The Forecast (30:00)


Dear Mr. Ryan and Mr. Idzik please change your statement on Geno I have been made aware that he is the day one starter by members of TJB who know more about the team than even you.

                                                                                                                                           Thankfully yours,


Joseph Koll
Joseph Koll

Good read. Thanks. I am now hoping we stay away from Lee, as his metrics don't impress. I am also not a fan of drafting USC players. I am on the Ebron/Evans first round pick bandwagon.


@jaygo @johnnyl65

For the record when Geno mentioned the QB room in his interview with Michael Kay he mentioned only himself, Simms and Garrard.  I think that speak volumes about what he knows about Sanchez's future with the Jets. 

Nick Mangold also said that Sanchez will make the most of his next opportunity in the NFL.