BGA Live: Jets at Dolphins – First Quarter

In a departure from the norm, this week we’re breaking down the Jets game AS IT HAPPENS.

This post covers the first quarter and will be updated every few minutes with detailed analysis from today’s game. There is a separate post for each quarter and we would ask that you restrict the discussion in the comments section to the analysis only. If you want to discuss the ongoing events during the game, please do so in the chatroom or the official game thread.

Detailed analysis follows after the jump.

Dolphins to start from 20 after Jets defer and Nick Folk booms a touchback

Coples flushes Tannehill from the pocket but he rolls out and completes to Hartline for a first down as Cromartie was playing off

Two short runs, one stretched out to the sideline by Coples and Harris and then forced out by Cromartie, the other bottled up by Harrison and Wilkerson lead to a third and five

The Jets send a slot blitz and Clay makes the first down catch in front of Landry

Cromartie tries to jam Hartline but almost loses him. The play takes too long to develop though and Coples hits Tannehill as he throws, so he misses the chance.

On second down, Coples blows the run up with a tackle in the backfield as the came unblocked off the opposite edge.

Tannehill looks for Clay over the middle, but Reed and Allen combine to break it up with Coples coming again. Dolphins punt.

Run over left guard is bottled up for a short gain and then Winters gets pancaked, so Smith has to get rid of the ball early. Third down and eight…

Pocket collapses with Cumberland on rollerskates against Wake. Gutsy effort by Smith on the scramble, just short. Jets three and out, punt.

First down throw to Wallace coming back to the ball and making the catch with Milliner close by. Interesting matchup again for the rookie.

Great play by Wilkerson to move his man laterally and blow up a run at the line is followed by an overthrown deep out with no pressure and Cromartie in coverage, setting up third and long…

Thigpen runs a mini-wheel route in between the two inside backers and is marked short. Not surprised to see them challenge that…

The booth reverses the call, giving Miami a first down near midfield. Ellis stuffs the first down run for a short gain. Miscommunication on 2nd down with Coples again leveraging his way into the pocket sees Tannehill throw the ball to nobody setting up 3rd and 9…

Harris bullrushes the left guard into Tannehill, flushing him from the pocket and Cromartie breaks up Tannehill’s downfield throw on the roll. Dolphins punt again and the Jets get a lucky bounce to give them a touchback

Ivory makes three yards out of nothing with the right side of the line failing to get much of a surge. Option pitch outside gives Powell room to pick up the first down at the sideline.

Winters misses a cut block on the move and his man stuffs Powell for no gain. Quick throw behind Winslow is off his hands setting up third and long…

Powell helps Cumberland with Wake this time, but Geno still has to roll out and his deep out to Nelson is wobbly, but accurate and Nelson makes a sliding catch at the Miami 45.

Ivory gets four over the right side, as Cumberland didn’t sustain his block on Wake completely. Kerley (!) then gets a handoff from in the backfield, but the run up the middle is stuffed because Winters got blown into the backfield by Soliai. This time, on third and five, Brent Grimes breaks up the square-in to Holmes. Jets punt, pinning Miami back at its 11

Coples nearly gets to Tannehill again but he steps up and hits Hartline for 28 as Cromartie lost him on a downfield move. Hartline limped off after the play. Notably, Trufant has entered the game as the nickel as a four yard run is followed by a run for no gain, stuffed by Harrison after good penetration from Douzable. On third and six, Miami converts despite pressure from Wilkerson. Richardson dropped into coverage and didn’t react well to Moore’s crossing route.

Harris stops the first down run for no gain after Richardson, Harrison and Douzable bottle up the middle and force the runner to try and cut back. Jets send a blitz from the slot again (Davis) and Tannehill hits the hot read on the quick slant in front of Landry to give Miami a first down in Jets territory as the quarter ends. Score: 0-0

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