BGA Live: Jets at Dolphins – Second Quarter

In a departure from the norm, this week we’re breaking down the Jets game AS IT HAPPENS.

This post covers the second quarter and will be updated every few minutes with detailed analysis from today’s game. There is a separate post for each quarter and we would ask that you restrict the discussion in the comments section to the analysis only. If you want to discuss the ongoing events during the game, please do so in the chatroom or the official game thread.

Detailed analysis follows after the jump.

Miami’s drive continues into Jets territory.

Pace and Richardson help to redirect the runner and Harrison and Davis bring him down for a loss on first down. Bad run fit on second down as Miller runs for 10 up the middle and Richardson had gone outside leaving a huge hole and Davis couldn’t get off a second level block.

Good closing speed by Milliner on the quick out leads to an incompletion and is followed by another incompletion with Milliner in coverage as Tannehill rolls out.

Harris hits Tannehill on third and 10, but the Dolphins fool Milliner and Trufant with a bunch set and they both cover the inside receiver, leading to a completion inside the 10.

On first down Milliner is picked on again, but forces Clay out on a fade route. The second down run takes it to the five with good penetration from Richardson.

On third and goal, the Jets send an all-out blitz, but Tannehill gets rid of it early with Davis in his face and Wallace beats Milliner for a touchdown.

Cromartie is back to return the kick, but it’s a touchback.

Good protection leads to a Smith 12-yard scramble plus five for a defensive hold.

Good block by Winters to drive Starks inside, but Ferguson’s man gets off his block to limit the run to three or four. Ivory almost gets the first down on the next play behind a pulling Winters, but it was Mangold at the point of attack and Howard surging off the right side that made that happen. On third and short, Smith changes the play but Powell is stuffed for a loss as Ferguson gets stood up. Another Jets punt, down to the 15

Ellis and Pace combine to stop the first down run for three. On second down, Tannehill has a bunch of time (note: Coples out for McIntyre) but throws incomplete with Cromartie and Allen in coverage down the middle. On third and seven, Milliner gets burned by Wallace, but Tannehill misses him deep. Reed was in the box on that play and Landry was late getting over in support. Miami punts to the Jets

On a moving pocket, Smith hits Salas on the roll for seven. He then steps up and hits Kerley over the middle for a first down on a low grab.

Mangold peels off to the second level and Cumberland makes a lead block from fullback to get Powell six yards. Holmes then gets open down the seam and makes a low grab at the 25 for a first down.

Smith rolls out and picks up a few yards at the sideline, then hands to Powell who cuts back to get a first down with a lane created by Howard’s kickout and Colon and Mangold turning their men.

Nice hands by Holmes on a decisive quick slant for eight to the five yard line. On second down, Smith’s dump to Kerley goes for no gain and then on third down, Smith finds Kerley for an easy touchdown, but Miami had called timeout just before the snap. Another gutsy effort by Smith on third and short after a good Cumberland block on the edge sees him blasted just short of the goal line, but with enough for the first down.

The Jets wheel out the Blast Chiller and Richardson’s one yard plunge ties it at 7-7. Nice drive and a great second level block by Winters on the play.

Miami takes over at its 33 with just over three minutes to go. Wilkerson is blatantly held as he almost blows up a screen, but Davis keeps it to a short gain. Milliner breaks up a throw to Wallace and the officials initially flag it but then pick up the flag. Good call by the looks of it and more good stuff from the rookie. On third down, Tannehill’s throw was slightly behind the receiver but still a bad drop as Landry was badly beaten on a crosser. Dolphins three and out leads to a punt and another touchback. 2:21 to go.

Nice throw on the quick slant to Kerley as a rusher came unblocked off the edge. A hot read! That takes us to the two minute warning with the Jets on their own 32.

Powell bounces it outside for six after Ferguson and Cumberland allowed penetration on the right side. Smith then threw slightly behind Powell who dropped it on a screen pass, setting up third and four…

Easy first down to Holmes on the outside as Smith throws the ball before he makes his break with the corner playing off.

Mangold drives Starks out of the play, but Powell’s gain is limited to three because Ferguson again let his man get off the block to the inside. On second down, Wake gets pressure after avoiding Howard’s cut block, but Smith’s throw to Cumberland draws a flag for a first down into Miami territory.

With a minute to go, they cross up the Dolphins with a draw to Bohanon. GREAT pulling block by Winters and Bohanon picks up nine behind a Howard surge. Cumberland kicks his man out effectively too. Bohanon converts with a surge up the middle behind Colon and Mangold’s double team block. Jets, inside the 35, take another time out.

Smith goes deep and Nelson makes the catch inside the five. Wake beat Cumberland and hit Smith low again. Nelson was tightly covered but the ball was well placed and the defender didn’t have time to look back for it.

After an illegal formation penalty moved them back, the Jets missed on a fade to Nelson (well covered, not close) and a slant to Kerley (blatantly held, no call), but on third down, Smith for the third time showed some guts and broke the plane on a designed QB run where he absorbed a hit at the goal line. Smith’s seven yard touchdown gives the Jets a 14-7 halftime lead.

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Milliner is single handily keeping Miami in the game. He is making Kyle Wilson look like an All Pro.


Absorbed a hit from powell. :)

James Plath
James Plath

Thanks for the play-by-play Bent. Much appreciated!


Of course, he makes me look bad by making diving int.