BGA Live: Jets at Dolphins – Third Quarter

In a departure from the norm, this week we’re breaking down the Jets game AS IT HAPPENS.

This post covers the third quarter and will be updated every few minutes with detailed analysis from today’s game. There is a separate post for each quarter and we would ask that you restrict the discussion in the comments section to the analysis only. If you want to discuss the ongoing events during the game, please do so in the chatroom or the official game thread.

Detailed analysis follows after the jump.

Jets start at the 11 following an awful decision by Cromartie to run it out from his endzone and some pretty terrible blocking.

Colon’s hold on first down is declined after a short gain and another short gain on second down sets up third and six…

Good protection from a five wide set, but Smith’s high completion to Kerley comes up a yard short. Jets open with a three and out

Coples starts the second half on the bench, but the Jets still get pressure as Wilkerson stunts and Harrison chases Tannehill from the pocket forcing a throw away. Richardson draws a hold to force second and long and negate an eight yard run up the middle. Pace cleans up after Milliner and Davis did a good job of diagnosing a screen, forcing third and 21…

Disappointingly, Tannehill is able to pick up a huge gain on a scramble up the middle. He slides at the marker and it comes down to a measurement, leading to fourth and short…

Awesome defense as Harrison and Douzable penetrate and Miami’s fourth down run is stuffed near midfield.

Holmes gets hit with a block in the back penalty on first down and then the Jets run two screen passes to set up a third and long. The first is a four yard loss for Powell who nearly gets his head taken off. Kerley gains six on the next one.

On fourth and long, Smith can’t find anyone but scrambles and comes up just three yards short. He sure is leaving it all on the field today, as he tried to dive for the marker. Wake split a Cumberland/Powell double to flush Smith out. Jets forced to punt again and Quigley pins them inside the 10. Davis downs the punt after a Jets bounce. Bohanon had false-started on the previous snap.

Milliner is on Wallace again and Tannehill has time but underthrows him. Harrison and Coples combine to make a stop for a short gain to force third and eight…

Seven man blitz doesn’t get there although the pocket was collapsing with Wilkerson and Richardson coming up the middle. Tannehill completes for a first down to Wallace in front of Milliner.

Miller goes for nine over the right side as Clabo handles Pace on the edge and Harrison misses the tackle in the hole. Again Tannehill converts by hitting his hot read with Landry blitzing from the slot and Trufant picking his man up. That isn’t working today.

Miller gets seven more up the middle as Douzable is walled off and Harris can’t make the stop in the hole. On second down, Cromartie tries to, but doesn’t get a clean jam and Tannehill fits it in a tight window to hit his man in stride. Ed Reed’s tap-tackle saves a touchdown at the 30.

Ellis and Harris combine to stop the first down run up the middle for four. On second down, Wallace has half a step on Milliner on a well-thrown corner route. Milliner broke up the pass, although he made contact just before it arrived and was lucky not to get a flag, especially since he never had time to look back for the ball.

On the very next play, Milliner makes a diving interception. Great play by the rookie to close on the ball and soft hands to prevent the juggling catch from hitting the turf. Wallace appeared to lose his footing as he made his break. Wilkerson was flagged for unnecessary roughness after the play.

From their 11, the Jets open with a short gain for Smith on a read-option play. I think Ivory might be hurt because I haven’t seen him for a while. Off play-action, Smith finds Kerley coming back to the ball just beyond the marker to move the chains.

Smith hits Nelson for a short gain on first down, then hands to Powell who drives ahead to set up third and short, which he then converts by plunging for two behind Colon.

On first down, off a deep drop and with good protection, Smith tries to force one to Powell underneath and should probably have thrown it away. Misi knocked it away. More good protection allows him to find Winslow at midfield and then a bad missed tackle enables him to break into the open field and down to the 30. Winslow almost fumbled the ball as he broke the tackle.

Powell gains three to end the third quarter with the Jets up 14-7 and inside Miami’s 30.

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