BGA: The Expendables – Part 3


Every year, teams have to let some players go. Even though the Jets did bring back some of their free agents (Lex Hilliard, Josh Mauga, Nick Folk, Tanner Purdum and restricted free agents Austin Howard and Jeff Cumberland), they chose not to bring everyone back. Although it’s only preseason, Bent’s Game Analysis will be keeping track of the progress on the guys they let go so we can at least start to form some views on whether letting any of these guys loose was a mistake or a smart move.

We’ll be aiming to cover all of the players and key coaches that were with the Jets during 2012 or 2013 and are now with another team. After the jump, a comprehensive list – which may of course grow as the preseason continues with guys like Eric Smith still searching for a job – of how these ex-Jets performed in week three of preseason.

Note that – if you were not aware, PFF is analyzing preseason games for the first time this year and some of their stats (ie snap counts) are used here.

It’s a much shorter edition this week, because not many of these players got significant playing time.

Dustin Keller, TE, Dolphins

Keller is out for the season (and maybe longer) following his horrific knee injury last week.

Julian Posey, CB, Dolphins

After getting an extended look at Posey in their first three games, Miami used him on just one snap this week and he is currently listed as a long shot to make the team by the Miami Herald.

Bill Callahan, Offensive Coordinator, Cowboys

A positive game here for the Cowboys, who won 24-18 and had two first half touchdown drives. They ran for over 150 yards and, after struggling to keep the ball last week, did not turn the ball over, instead capitalizing on four Bengals turnovers.

Tim Tebow, QB (?), Patriots

Tebow didn’t get any reps at all in the third game. They may see value in him as a special package runner, but I don’t think their offense needs that and it would be senseless to cut another potential contributor just to keep that as an option. Ryan Mallett has been inconsistent, but there’s no danger of Tebow being the number two quarterback. The Pats usually only keep two and haven’t used Tebow on special teams or in any other position, so his roster chances don’t look so hot.

John Conner, FB, Bengals

Conner saw some early action in this one, getting reps on the first offensive series after having been relegated to backup duties in the first two games. However, he only lasted five snaps. The announcers praised him block on the edge on his first play – a run up the middle – but on the next play his man got off his block to make the stop. I still don’t think he’ll make it unless the Bengals lose a tight end to injury or something.

Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Bengals

As noted last week, Maybin was released by the Bengals after seeing just nine snaps of action in their first two games.

Tony Sparano, OL Coach, Raiders

The Raiders continue to look overmatched with their cap-room starved roster. On paper, a 34-26 loss to the Bears doesn’t look so bad, but for the second straight week they were losing heavily until the other team’s backups came in. The Bears led 27-3 at the half. The Raiders only gave up three sacks this week and did rush for 128 yards at an average of six yards per carry, so the box score doesn’t look too bad from an offensive line perspective. However, once again you can remove QB scrambles from the equation and suddenly the running game no longer looks quite so good (22-72 for their two running backs).

Chaz Schilens, WR, Lions

Schilens played 15 snaps and wasn’t targeted, although he did record a special teams tackle. He failed to register a catch in preseason and was released earlier this week. I wonder if he feels he’s being scapegoated.

Jason Smith, OT, Saints

Smith was cut last week and is now back with the Jets, as you probably know. He did not play against the Giants.

Jay Richardson, DE, Saints

Prior to the game, it was reported that Richardson would start at OLB for the second straight game. However, he did not start and – despite playing 28 snaps – did not record a tackle or any pressure. He seems to be on the bubble.

Darrelle Revis, CB, Bucs

Revis did not play once again. Alex Marvez of reported yesterday that Revis will not play in the preseason finale and WILL make his Bucs debut in the opener against the Jets.

Matt Slauson, G, Bears

Slauson seems to be settling nicely in Chicago. He pulled outside to the left and made a good cut block to spring Matt Forte for a 35-yard run and then executed a seal-and-peel block well to set up Michael Bush’s 10-yard score. He did get beaten for a pressure, but was able to recover and drive his man upfield enabling Jay Cutler to take off for a 13-yard scramble.

Mike DeVito, DL, Chiefs

DeVito didn’t actually start this week, but came off the bench to play 15 snaps where he recorded one tackle. He’s had a pretty light workload in preseason, but the Chiefs will be relying on him to play most of the time on first and second down.

Bob Sutton, Defensive Coordinator, Chiefs

The Chiefs won in overtime, despite not managing to force a turnover. The defense did account for five sacks though and held the Steelers first team offense to 3.0 yards per carry in the first half.

Marcus Dixon, DL, Chiefs

Although Dixon has played well in preseason and is on the bubble, he didn’t get any defensive reps this week. I assume it will come down to the last game for him as he tries to prove he deserves a spot there.

Martin Tevaseu, NT, Colts

Tevaseu didn’t make much of an impact this week, as seven of his ten snaps were passes. He didn’t generate any pressure or record any tackles, but has had a good offseason and looks likely to sneak onto the Colts roster again.

LaRon Landry, S, Colts

Finally the Colts got Landry on the field for the first time and he played okay. He made an unassisted tackle for a short gain in run support and was in good position in coverage on a deep out. His health is important, because the Jets could get a fourth, or possibly even a third round compensatory pick in next year’s draft as long as he plays enough.

Mike Pettine, Defensive Coordinator, Bills

The Bills defense has looked pretty good in preseason, but the team was blown out by the Redskins, 30-7. They forced zero turnovers, gave up over 200 yards on the ground and conceded 20 first-half points to an offense quarterbacked by Rex Grossman and Pat White. They did get three sacks but, overall, these are the kind of numbers that would have Jets fans seriously panicking if it happened to them.

Marcus Dowtin, LB, Bills

Dowtin’s fine preseason encountered a bump in the road when an undisclosed injury ended his game prematurely. I’m not sure how serious that is yet. He did register a pressure on only five pass rush attempts, coming unblocked up the middle to flush the quarterback.

Ryan Steed, CB, Steelers

Steed was cut after this game, where he played 27 snaps and was targeted once (for a six-yard gain). He did get caught inside on a fourth and one toss sweep in overtime, but otherwise didn’t make any major errors.

Tracy Wilson, S, Titans

Wilson once again did not see any time on defense and remains a long shot to make the roster.

Shonn Greene, RB, Titans

Greene saw action on 11 snaps, carrying five times for 17 yards. He had one eight yard run and a short yardage conversion, but hasn’t looked outstanding in preseason really.

Josh Brown, PK, Giants

Brown did miss a 53-yard field goal against the Jets, but the job is his because they haven’t brought in any competition. He did hit the game tying field goal to send the game into overtime.

TJ Conley/Spencer Lanning, P, Browns

Conley was cut after missing last week’s game due to injury, so the job belongs to Lanning. This week, Lanning had a 46.7 gross average, but did allow 50 return yards, so his net average dropped below 40.

Terrence Ganaway, RB, Rams

As noted last week, Ganaway decided to retire and go back to school. We wish him well.

Jonathan Grimes, RB, Jags

Grimes had his moments this week, but his job is in serious jeopardy following an amazing performance by the Jags’ number three back, Jordan Todman. Grimes made a nice cutback run to convert on second and two and juked a defender out of his socks with an open field move on a short pass, but didn’t help his case by fumbling (even though he got it back).

Hayworth Hicks, OL, Panthers

Hicks’ decent play was cited as one of the reasons for veteran Geoff Hangartner’s release, but he didn’t get any playing time this week, so his place on the team is obviously not secure.

Daniel Muir, DT, Texans

Muir has had an excellent preseason with the Texans. In this game, he got in on two run stuffs and had one pressure while playing 30 snaps. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t make the final roster for Houston.

Yeremiah Bell, S, Cardinals

Bell did well in coverage this week. He was targeted four times and gave up just two catches for five yards. Overall, he had four tackles, but also missed three tackles. He will need to be more consistent than that to retain his job in the starting lineup.

Paul Cornick, T, Broncos

Cornick is making a case for himself. Working as the second string left tackle, he did well in the running game and didn’t surrender any pressure. There have been a few examples recently of offensive linemen that were not really close to a roster spot while with the Jets but went on to start elsewhere, including Stanley Daniels (ironically with Denver) and Kyle DeVan (ironically with Peyton Manning as his quarterback).