BGA – The Expendables – Part 4


Every year, teams have to let some players go. Even though the Jets did bring back some of their free agents (Including Nick Folk, Tanner Purdum and restricted free agents Austin Howard and Jeff Cumberland), they chose not to bring everyone back. Throughout preseason, Bent’s Game Analysis has been keeping track of the progress on the guys they let go so we can at least start to form some views on whether letting any of these guys loose was a mistake or a smart move. Today, we provide our final update and confirm everyone’s roster status following final cuts.

There are three considerations to bear in mind. First of all, should the Jets consider re-signing any of their former players who were released? Secondly, are they going to really regret letting any of these guys go? Finally, we should consider the effect on the compensatory picks calculation for next year. Right now, the Jets have five potentially qualifying UFA losses (as noted below) and two potentially qualifying UFA gains (Goodson and Barnes). If all five qualify (usually achieved by playing 20% of the snaps) then the Jets will end up with three compensatory picks.

We’ll be aiming to cover all of the players and key coaches that were with the Jets during 2012 or 2013 and are now with another team. After the jump, a comprehensive list of how these ex-Jets performed in week four of preseason and whether or not they made it onto the team.

Note that – if you were not aware, PFF is analyzing preseason games for the first time this year and some of their stats (ie snap counts) are used here.

Turns out that virtually all the guys on the bubble got cut…

Dustin Keller, TE, Dolphins – On season-ending injured reserve

Keller is out for the season (and maybe longer) following his horrific knee injury two weeks ago.

Julian Posey, CB, Dolphins – CUT

Posey got an extended look, but didn’t make the team. He had three tackles and a pass defensed in his last game. He had his ups and downs – getting beaten for 21 on a back shoulder throw and 22 on a quick slant where he made a TD saving tackle at the one. He also had a pass interference penalty. His pass breakup (on a pass thrown into a crowd) down by the goal line, helped preserve the Dolphins win. He was also in good position on a couple of incompletions – a quick slant and a deep ball, but blocked out of the play on one long run.

Bill Callahan, Offensive Coordinator, Cowboys – Remains on staff

With Callahan calling plays, the Cowboys were 21st in total yardage and 18th in scoring during preseason. This week, they lost 24-6 but did run for 92 yards at an average of over five per carry. However, they were only 3-for-14 on third down.

Tim Tebow, QB (?), Patriots – CUT

Tebow said he would like to thank Bob Kraft and the Pats organization for the opportunity they gave him. So would I…it was HILARIOUS. This week, he actually had his best game, throwing two late touchdown passes. On his first drive, he did make a couple of solid short throws, one rolling to his left, but then ate sacks on consecutive plays. The next drive saw him throw a pass outside that the defender broke on and batted away then eat two more sacks on consecutive plays. On his third drive, he had one short completion and a short run, but also had one pass that was way off target and got stuffed on a third and short run. On his next series he escaped the rush well, only to overthrow a wide open receiver running deep, but atoned on the next play by gunning a long out on third and eight – easily his best pass of the preseason. He then overthrew two deep throws, but then completed a 52-yard TD pass on third and 10 … although the receiver did catch at wobbly throw at the 40 and broke a couple of tackles to turn it into a big play. His next series saw him run for 13 basically untouched on a delayed QB draw. Two plays later he was easily intercepted on a badly underthrown pass down the seam. His next drive saw him stopped short on a third and four scramble to go three-and-out. Finally, after another three and out, the Pats got the ball back, up one, with 10 seconds left at the nine yard line. Instead of taking a knee, they ran a play and Tebow got his second touchdown pass on a fade that the receiver went up to get over a smaller cornerback. His final numbers: 6-11-91-2TD-INT and 6-30 rushing. For preseason as a whole, he completed 37% of his passes and his QB rating was 47.2 as he was sacked seven times. He did rush for 91 yards at 5.7 per carry though. Now, let’s never mention him again!

John Conner, FB, Bengals – CUT

Conner had an awesome game here, but as anyone who’s been following closely will know, it was too little too late. On the first drive they ran behind him several times, including once as he set the edge well from tight end (!) and eventually scored a short touchdown as he made a block on the edge. In the second quarter he had a key block to spring a 20 yard run as the Bengals ran a “swerve” and in the third, he had the key block as they ran for another short score. All that in just 13 snaps. As I said a few weeks ago, he is putting some good play on film that should land him on someone’s roster, but as I expected, it won’t be the Bengals. I don’t think he’s a fit for the Jets’ system, so a reunion would seem unlikely.

Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Bengals – CUT

Maybin was released a couple of weeks ago by the Bengals after seeing just nine snaps of action in their first two games.

Tony Sparano, OL Coach, Raiders – Remains on staff

The Raiders’ miserable preseason saw them end up 28th in total offense and 22nd in scoring. They gave up 16 sacks (5th most in the NFL) and although they averaged 4.3 yards per carry, this was heavily skewed by QB scrambles. In their final game – a 22-6 loss – they gave up four sacks and averaged seven yards per carry (but again it was closer to five if you exclude scrambles).

Chaz Schilens, WR, Lions – CUT

Schilens was released last week after a preseason campaign with no catches.

Jay Richardson, DE, Saints – CUT

Richardson had seen plenty of action, including one start, at OLB in preseason, but started here as a DE, with the Saints reverting to a 4-3 most of the time. Despite surprisingly getting cut, he had a great game, with two sacks, a hit and two pressures, although he did also jump offside once. He got his sacks on an inside move and with outside speed. He didn’t have much impact in the running game, but looks like he might make their team, having not played in the NFL since 2009.

Darrelle Revis, CB, Bucs – On active roster

Obviously Revis wasn’t going to play in the last preseason game. Barring a setback, he’ll make his Bucs debut against the Jets next Sunday.

Matt Slauson, G, Bears – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

After a solid preseason, Slauson was rested for this week’s game.

Mike DeVito, DL, Chiefs – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Ditto for DeVito, who should start for the Chiefs and – based on how they used him in preseason – will play on first and second down.

Bob Sutton, Defensive Coordinator, Chiefs – Remains on staff

The Chiefs had the 14th ranked defense in preseason, but allowed the fifth-fewest amount of points in the league. Sutton was renowned for his bend-but-not-break philosophies when he was the Jets’ DC, so that’s maybe not a surprise. Let’s see if it translates to the regular season. They won 30-8 against the Packers on Thursday night.

Marcus Dixon, DL, Chiefs – CUT

Dixon was really close to a roster spot by all accounts, but didn’t make it, unfortunately. That’s despite one of the best hustle plays you’re ever likely to see on the very last play. Dixon burst into the backfield and almost made a sack, but the quarterback escaped his grasp and completed a pass. However, Dixon, scratching and clawing for a roster spot all the way to the gun, got up off the floor, hustled back into the play and made the tackle 25 yards downfield, forcing a fumble which the Packers recovered to end the game. Hopefully someone noticed that, because those are the kind of plays that show a guy who deserves an opportunity because you know he’ll make the most of it. Earlier on, he had beaten the left guard to the outside to knock Vince Young down on third down as he threw incomplete on third down. He also showed good hustle to make a tackle in the backfield after a short pass where the running back slipped but hadn’t been ruled down.

Martin Tevaseu, NT, Colts – CUT

Tevaseu had a solid preseason but was right on the bubble the whole time. He bottled up a run for no gain by standing up his man at the line and assisted on two late runs for short gains, but did not generate any pressure in the pass rush in the final game.

LaRon Landry, S, Colts – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Landry only played in week three of preseason, but it’s no surprise to see him rested for the fourth game.

Mike Pettine, Defensive Coordinator, Bills – Remains on staff

The Bills defense looked good at times and they ended up conceding the 8th fewest points in the league. They were 17th in yardage surrendered though. As you’d expect from a Rex disciple, he does a decent job of putting his players in a position to make plays.

Marcus Dowtin, LB, Bills – On active roster

One player who has been able to make those plays has been Dowtin, who finished off an outstanding preseason with some more big plays. He seems the most likely to be a regrettable loss, after looking out of his depth at times in preseason last year and playing just two snaps on the active roster before being released. On Thursday, he intercepted a pass on the third play as it was off the receiver’s hands right to him. He also played some with his hand in the dirt, from where he beat his man outside to chase the quarterback and force a deliberate throw away and came off the backside to bring the runner down from behind for no gain. He also blew up another run by getting off his block on the outside and forcing the runner wide, where he was tackled for a loss. The only real negative was a play where he overpursued and slipped over and the runner was able to cut back and break free for a 34-yard gain. He looks like he’ll play a role this year.

Ryan Steed, CB, Steelers – CUT

Steed was cut after last week’s game.

Tracy Wilson, S, Titans – CUT

Wilson was cut prior to the final game.

Shonn Greene, RB, Titans – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Greene did not play in the final game, because he had an ankle injury. He might have been rested anyway. Remember, if Greene doesn’t play 20% of the snaps, he might not meet the conditions to be a qualifying UFA loss – and Chris Johnson played over 80% of the snaps last year.

Josh Brown, PK, Giants – On active roster

In the final game of preseason, Brown made both field goals and both extra points. He also put all of his kickoffs into the end zone.

TJ Conley/Spencer Lanning, P, Browns – Conley CUT, Lanning on active roster

Although Conley was cut, Lanning’s roster spot wasn’t safe, as they brought in competition for the final game. Lanning had two good punts, averaging 50.0 net and putting both inside the 20. However, that wasn’t all he did. A pre-game injury meant he also had to be the placekicker and although he hooked his first attempt badly, he made his next one and ended up kicking the game winner from 40 with 3:15 to go.

Terrence Ganaway, RB, Rams – RETIRED

Ganaway retired after a preseason where he got no carries.

Jonathan Grimes, RB, Jags – CUT

Grimes didn’t have a bad preseason, but was beaten out by Jordan Todman, who was really good. The writing was on the wall before the last game where Grimes saw action on just seven plays, carrying twice for five yards.

Hayworth Hicks, OL, Panthers – CUT

Hicks played 55 snaps in this one and didn’t allow any pressure. He flattened his man on a couple of crushing blocks in the first half, but still shows how raw he is at times, like when he was driven into the backfield on the goal line and when he failed to make contact on a pulling block and the run was bottled up. It looks likely that he’ll be on the practice squad as his physical gifts and raw technique make him a potential upside project.

Daniel Muir, DT, Texans – CUT (Note: Injury Settlement)

Muir’s impressive preseason saw him again make some good plays in the final game, but then he broke his hand. He had a hit and a pressure and also made an impressive play where he sniffed out a screen and forced the quarterback to throw it into the dirt. However, he was blown off the line a couple of times in the running game. It will be interesting to see whether he ends up back on someone’s roster when healthy.

Yeremiah Bell, S, Cardinals – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

No surprise to see Bell rested in the last game. He’ll start for Arizona.

Paul Cornick, T, Broncos – CUT

Cornick put together a good case for himself, starting the final game at right tackle and later on moving to left tackle. He didn’t give up a pressure until right near the end, where he let his man get around the corner on him, although there was one other play where his man beat him but slipped over. He had two outstanding blocks that led to nine and seven yard touchdown runs and another where he set the edge for a 10-yard run outside. Although he made a couple of minor mistakes, I was pretty impressed with his promise. It’s a shame the Jets couldn’t keep him around a bit longer.

We’ll be back with updates after week two, during the bye and at the end of the season.