BGA: The Expendables – Regular Season Update #1


Every year, teams have to let some players go. Even though the Jets did bring back some of their free agents (Including Nick Folk, Tanner Purdum and restricted free agents Austin Howard and Jeff Cumberland), they chose not to bring everyone back. Throughout preseason, Bent’s Game Analysis kept track of the progress of the guys they let go in order to at least start to form some views on whether letting any of these guys loose was a mistake or a smart move. Since the Jets did not play on Sunday, it gives us a chance to provide an update with the season underway.

We’ll be aiming to cover all of the players and key coaches that were with the Jets during 2012 or 2013 and are now with another team. After the jump, a comprehensive list of how these ex-Jets have been performing so far this season.

Dustin Keller, TE, Dolphins – On season-ending injured reserve

Keller is out for the season (and maybe longer) following his horrific knee injury in preseason. His loss will not factor into the calculation of compensatory picks due to the Jets next year.

Julian Posey, CB, Dolphins – CUT

After failing to make the Dolphins roster, Posey has landed on the Browns’ practice squad.

Bill Callahan, Offensive Coordinator, Cowboys – Remains on staff

After their loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, it looks like Cowboys fans have already made their mind up about Callahan. Apparently, he’s a “terrible play-caller” and the offensive line isn’t doing very well either.

Tim Tebow, QB (?), Patriots – CUT

Tebow hasn’t received any NFL offers, but did get offered $1m to play two games for a Russian team and apparently Jags fans held a rally (at 3:16pm yesterday) to try and get the team to sign him. They must really want that number one pick.

John Conner, FB, Bengals – CUT

Conner is still a free agent, but apparently is still actively looking for work. As I’ve said before, I don’t think he’s a fit in the Jets’ current system.

Tony Sparano, OL Coach, Raiders – Remains on staff

The Raiders quietly almost started the season 2-0 after just losing to the Colts in week one and then comfortably beating a listless Jags team 19-9 on Sunday. For some people, that’s already exceeding expectations. Their cap-induced lack of depth is bound to catch up with them eventually and I expect teams will figure out how to stop Terrelle Pryor before too long, but credit to them for being competitive so far despite being undermanned. The Raiders currently lead the league in rushing, although a large proportion of that yardage has come from Pryor’s scrambling.

Jay Richardson, DE, Saints – CUT and re-signed

After an outstanding preseason, Richardson was a surprise cut, but has now been re-signed. Clearly the Saints were waiting for his salary to become non-guaranteed. He saw action on 12 snaps on Sunday against the Bucs but did not record any stats.

Darrelle Revis, CB, Bucs – On active roster

Already the rumblings are that Revis isn’t enjoying himself with the Bucs and this could be heading for a messy divorce. Remember, if he isn’t on their roster on the third day of the 2014 league year, the Jets will only get a fourth round pick from the Bucs instead of a third rounder. On the field, Revis looks like his old self already. He’s been targeted nine times, breaking up two and giving up four catches for 44 yards in two games. PFF already has him rated as the 2nd best overall CB in the league so far.

Matt Slauson, G, Bears – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

As anticipated, Slauson is off to a good start with the 2-0 Bears. He’s started both games and played every snap and is currently grading out as the 6th best guard (and third best left guard) in the NFL according to PFF. He’s only given up two pressures in two games and has been a steadying influence on the Bears line.

Mike DeVito, DL, Chiefs – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

The Chiefs are also 2-0 and Mike DeVito has contributed to that with two solid performances, playing first and second down. While he only has two tackles, DeVito has four pressures, including three on Sunday. That was the first time he had three pressures in a game since week four of the 2010 season.

Bob Sutton, Defensive Coordinator, Chiefs – Remains on staff

Sutton’s defense has played a role in the Chiefs strong start. They had six sacks and held the Jags to 178 yards in week one – a game where the Jags never possessed the ball beyond their own 36-yard line. You might put that down to the ineptitude of a Jags, but the Chiefs were also able to hold the Cowboys to 16 points in their win on Sunday. That was more bend-but-not-break which was something Sutton used to rely upon in the past. Dallas drove inside the 35 four times but had to settle for field goals on three of those possessions. The Chiefs also had four more sacks and forced two turnovers, while holding Dallas to just 37 yards rushing.

LaRon Landry, S, Colts – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Landry is off to a fine start with the Colts, flying around and making plays, but – more importantly – not making many mistakes so far. He has 24 tackles and no missed tackles through two games. He did get beaten for a 20-yard catch on Sunday, but overall has been targeted six other times and given up just three catches for 15 yards. He’s only missed three snaps so far, which could be important. Remember, if his playing time drops below 20% that might mean he is no longer considered a qualifying loss for compensatory pick purposes.

Mike Pettine, Defensive Coordinator, Bills – Remains on staff

Following two close games, the Bills are 1-1 (sound familiar?) They are only 18th in total defense, but have recorded eight sacks and forced four turnovers. They’ve been generating a lot of pressure too (45 total pressures – 16 more than the Jets), but they’ve also been blitzing a lot (38 times – 15 more than the Jets through two games). It will be very interesting to see how Pettine tries to rattle the Jets’ rookie quarterback this weekend, while Rex Ryan does the same.

Marcus Dowtin, LB, Bills – On active roster

Despite a great preseason, Dowtin hasn’t received any playing time yet on defense. He does have two special teams tackles though.

Shonn Greene, RB, Titans – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Bearing in mind what I said about Landry and the 20% snap count above, the bad news here is that Greene has only played four snaps this season and will be out for at least a few more weeks after getting his knee scoped. With Chris Johnson playing over 80% of the snaps anyway last year, the chances of Greene getting back and ending up with a snap count high enough to qualify are dwindling, which will cost the Jets a 6th round pick in next year’s draft. Initially, the Jets looked set to receive a fourth, two fifths and a sixth in 2014, but with the Keller injury and now Greene’s status up in the air, they could come away with just a fourth rounder and a fifth rounder, provided everyone else (including Barnes and Goodson, their own potentially qualifying gains) all qualify. The formula is complicated though, so it’s too early to project with complete accuracy.

Josh Brown, PK, Giants – On active roster

Well, the Giants are 0-2 but Brown can’t really be blamed. He’s made all four of his field goals and made eight touchbacks on 12 kickoffs. It’s amazing how many guys that Nick Folk replaced or beat out are currently kicking in the league: Brown, Jay Feely, Dan Carpenter, Billy Cundiff and Nick Novak are all still in the league, as is former Jet Mike Nugent. As my buddy J said on Sunday, it’s the Nick Folk Kicking Tree!

Spencer Lanning, P, Browns – On active roster

Lanning was brought in at the same time as Malone last season before they eventually decided to keep Malone and got rid of Lanning after three days. Malone obviously lost his job this week, which could make you wonder if Lanning would have been the better option, but Malone’s 4th worst net average in the league so far was actually better than Lanning, who was 2nd worst.

Yeremiah Bell, S, Cardinals – On active roster (Note: Potential Qualifying UFA Loss)

Bell has made two starts with the Cardinals so far and missed just seven snaps. Interestingly, he’s been lining up at linebacker for them at times – remember he was primarily a free safety with the Jets last year. He has 11 tackles and one pressure and also broke up a pass, but he has one missed tackle and got beaten for a touchdown in week one. Overall, he’s been targeted 12 times, giving up eight catches for 75 yards. Since he was playing deep last year, he was rarely in one-on-one coverage and was targeted just 27 times all season.

Paul Cornick, T, Broncos – CUT

After clearing waivers, Cornick landed on the Broncos practice squad. He could be one to watch, because he had a nice preseason, so if the Jets need depth at tackle at any point, perhaps they will tap him up.

Everybody else is still a free agent, including Dan Muir, Hayworth Hicks, Aaron Maybin, Chaz Schilens, Jonathan Grimes, Ryan Steed, Tracy Wilson, Marcus Dixon and Martin Tevaseu.

We’ll be back with updates during the bye and at the end of the season. BGA Extra for the Pats game will be here tomorrow.