In case you missed it…

Bent recently wrapped up an epic six part series sharing exclusive data on how often Jets players were double teamed in 2013 and then analyzing what we can learn from this. Here are the links in case you want to catch up with this before camp gets underway.

In part one, there’s an explanation of the charting process, together with some examples of different types of double teams and how they’ve been treated in the numbers. Read more here.

Part two went into details of how often each Jets defensive lineman was doubled in the running game and what conclusions we can (and can’t) draw from this. Read more here.

In part three, the process was repeated for the pass rush. Read more here.

Part four saw us make comparisons between the numbers for the Jets nose tackles and other players around the league. How did Kenrick Ellis’ numbers compare with other backups like Ishmai’ily Kitchen? How do Damon Harrison’s numbers stack up with an elite nose tackle like Dontari Poe? Read more here.

The penultimate instalment saw us focusing on Muhammad Wilkerson. Did he see more double teams in 2013? Does he tend to see more double teams than those players who’ve been named to the pro bowl or on top player lists ahead of him? Read more here.

Finally, we looked at Quinton Coples, making an effort to compare him with someone used in a similar manner because a comparison with conventional edge rushers was proven to be inadequate for these purposes. Read more here.