Buzz: Holmes and Edwards to Enter the Thunderdome?

The folks at PFT addressed the Santonio Holmes vs. Braylon Edwards dynamic created by last night’s trade, asking the question I hoped to pose to you all this morning. With both receivers on one-year deals, did the Jets just ask two No. 1 receivers to enter so they can see which one will leave?

More damning for Edwards is that Holmes is a similar player, but better.  Sure, Edwards is more physical.  But ultimately they are both vertical threats fighting for similar passes.  Holmes has better hands and makes more plays after the catch.

Throw in $1 and $1 to catch passes over the middle, and it’s hard to see Edwards breaking 1,000 yards in 2010 for the second time in his career.  800 might be lucky.

There is also the matter of a possible long-term extension.  The Jets can likely only afford to keep Holmes or Edwards.  We think Holmes is the superior player, and now the Jets could play the two against each other for leverage.

The ink is flowing from a lot of poison pens this morning, citing all the indiscretions before discussing what really matters — the game and how it comes together on the field.

The Jets are clearly wary of Edwards’ hands. They want to see him fight and claw for the job, and what better way to make that happen than to tell him he’s now in a race against Holmes for his dinner? How intense will the battle for productivity be?

Either way, this changes a lot of mock draft boards. No one can reasonably expect receiver Golden Tate to still be on the radar at 29 with Holmes on board. And if Jason Taylor is signed, does it mean the table is set for a safety next Thursday?

More importantly, anyone else noticing the “No excuses” foundation being built around Sanchez? Rex Ryan & friends expect to win all the time. The talent will be in place this season — it’s strictly up to Sanchez to make use of all the new toys.

Tip of the fitted hat to Mad Max for correcting me on the botched movie reference.