Buzz: Colt McCoy to be Cut by Browns Soon?

Not that we have any great love of Colt McCoy, but it sounds like he might be another name that could be available sooner or later should the Browns cut him, per Terry Pluto in the Plain-Dealer.

With a salary of $2.3 million (not guaranteed) in 2013, it’s doubtful Colt McCoy will be back. The Browns don’t believe McCoy can be a viable starter. That’s why they are looking at Matt Moore or even someone such as Matt Cassell to push Weeden. I still think Moore is a real possibility, unless he finds a team where he will be a certain starter.

Brian Bassett,

We’re not huge McCoy fans, but he was hand-picked by Mike Holmgren and Morhinweg worked for Holgrem back with the Packers in the mid-90s.  While Holmgren then drafted Brandon Weeden, McCoy still possesses some of those qualities that Morhinweg might be looking for in New York.

Given the choice of the likes of McCoy, Quinn, Garrard and whoever else the Jets might exhume to compete for the starting QB spot, I think they’d be better suited throwing an extra million or so at the problem and going with a guy like Matt Moore who has limited upside, but seems to be able to do more with less.