BGA: Harvin some teething troubles

I alluded to this earlier but I wasn’t impressed with the Jets’ approach to having Percy Harvin in the line-up. With just over a week to prepare for his first down, they were always going to have the most success on special-package plays. I anticipated a couple of outside runs and a few short passes with the opportunity to create yards after the catch. Expecting him to do any damage downfield and have any kind of chemistry with the quarterbacks was foolish. Trying to force it to him downfield was just reckless and the Jets got what they deserved.

With that said, Harvin did show some flashes of dynamic play and picked up 50 yards on seven touches. It would have been even better for him had there not been two first down plays called back for illegal blocks (neither of which looked like it was necessary). A lot of people are already calling this move a disaster because that was all he achieved but we should be able to expect more going forward as he familiarizes himself with the playbook and develops chemistry with whoever it is that will be throwing him the ball.

Even 50 yards a week is 800 per season, a not-insignificant contribution to a struggling offense. However, if what we saw yesterday is the ceiling (not that I think it is), then you’ve got to consider whether paying $10m for a slightly better version of Brad Smith – a guy the Jets smartly let go because $4m per season was too much – is going to be smart. In the end, this trade may prove to be about little more than getting the rights to Harvin so you can negotiate a lower deal before anyone else can give him a similar deal on his release.

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BGA: Can’t get out of each other’s way

Don’t been fooled by the box score (175 yards and three touchdowns on 33 carries), this was not a good performance by the Jets’ running game. Take out quarterback scrambles, the Percy Harvin packages and late game garbage yards from third stringer Bilal Powell and the top two Jets running backs combined for just 50 yards on 16 carries.

Most of that was from Chris Ivory, who at least rushed for two touchdowns. Chris Johnson played a season low 16 snaps (less than 20%) and carried the ball just three times. While Harvin did a good job of rushing off the edge (four carries for 28 yards), all that seems to achieve is to take away the main thing Johnson brings to the table.

The Harvin deal is only going to work out if he can do things other players on the team have been unable to do, like stretch the field or create big plays with the ball in his hands. If the only way they can get production from him is to get him to do a slightly better job of something that someone else on the team was already capable of doing, how much have you actually upgraded?

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BGA: Had a bad Oday

As is often the case following an awful quarterbacking performance(s?), I note that some people were blaming the pass protection, which is the next logical step from criticizing the receivers if you’re still in denial about the lack of ability the Jets have at the quarterback position. (Next stop: Playcalling).

There were some breakdowns, but the Jets quarterbacks (especially Michael Vick) again brought a lot of this on themselves by holding the ball for far too long and then not anticipating the pressure when it arrived. There were plenty of occasions where the protection held up well, but the quarterback still wasn’t able to make anything positive happen. The breakdowns early in the game were costly though.

For the second straight week, new left guard Oday Aboushi settled down later on in the game, but had a really rough start. Called upon to single-block Kyle Williams in pass protection, Aboushi was twice beaten for pressures that led to Geno Smith’s first two interceptions and landed the Jets in a hole from which they never recovered. He was also beaten upfield by Williams and tried to pass him off to D’Brickashaw Ferguson far too late, leading to a strip sack. Later on Williams absolutely mowed him over and Vick was sacked as he stepped up. This will be one of the toughest assignments he gets all year, but still it was not encouraging to see Williams dominate him so routinely.

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BGA: Zero Hour

It can’t be easy to perform as poorly as Geno Smith did in yesterday’s game.

I don’t think I could write an article poorly enough to end up with a 0.0 rating and compel SNY to replace me halfway through and get Bassett or Corey to write the rest of the article, even if I tried.

So let’s try…

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BGA: Bills make the Jets pay

Welcome to BGA! We’ll be here the day after every Jets game for an in-depth review of what happened. We’ll look at each position group throughout the day, so keep coming back to TJB to check it out. We’ll also post a summary with links to all the articles later on today.

Let’s move on to discuss yesterday’s game…

Just before half-time, the Jets pulled within a score, heading to the break with all the momentum. At that point it looked like they were on their way to a team-defining win, overcoming a shambolic first quarter performance from their young (and soon to be former) starting quarterback. Instead the third quarter was a pathetically naive offensive performance that saw the Jets, in just 15 plays, commit four offensive penalties, give up two sacks, lose a fumble and throw an interception.

As the defense stopped the Bills over and over again in the second half, the offense never looked capable of capitalizing and eventually the resistance broke and the Bills turned in back into the blowout which had looked inevitable since the early stages.

If yesterday’s game taught us that it’s time to move on from Geno Smith, it certainly didn’t provide much comfort in terms of what exactly they’d be moving on to.

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BGA Preview: Bills at Jets

During the season, Bent’s Game Analysis charts games for some of the Jets’ upcoming opponents, enabling a break down of what to watch out for on gameday…

The Jets aim to get their season back on the rails with the surprising 4-3 Bills coming to town. The Bills opened the season by beating the Bears and Dolphins before losing two in a row, but then replaced their starting quarterback and have since won two out of three. Last year, the Jets did beat the Bills at home, blowing a 20-6 third quarter lead but then getting the winning touchdown on a long pass from Geno Smith to Santonio Holmes. The Jets won despite being penalized 20 times. That included four on consecutive plays on Kyle Wilson, who finished up with five but then didn’t have another penalty all season. Later in the year, the Bills blew out the Jets 37-14.

After the jump, I break down the positional groupings (BGA-style!) to try and highlight what the Jets need to look out for.

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BGA Extra: Jets at Patriots

Welcome to BGA Extra, where I draw a line under the previous weekend’s game by responding to your questions from BGA during the week. After the jump, I respond to your questions about the game against the Patriots. If you would like your questions answered in future, remember to read BGA each week and leave your question in the comments section.

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