BGA: Pride comes before a fall

The running game was excellent early on with Chris Ivory finding seams and falling forward for good yardage. At the half, he had 14 carries and 79 yards which would seem like a recipe for success. However, in the second half, he carried just three times for five yards as once again the Jets had fallen behind and were compelled to pass more.

Chris Johnson, on the other hand, had a slow start and would ultimately carry just six times. However, he did break into the open field for a 35-yard touchdown to get the Jets back into the game. That was actually longer than any run he had last year. He did only gain nine yards on his other five carries though.

Other than that play, the Jets had just 12 yards on the ground in the second half as the running game stalled altogether. While early on it had looked like the Jets would control the game, those hopes soon diminished.

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BGA: Lion down on the job

It all started off so well, with the Jets racking up yardage on the ground and marching down to the red zone on their first possession. Nick Mangold in particular was having his way with the Lions tackles, moving them out of the middle to create some good lanes.

The running game stalled thereafter and the Jets gave up quite a bit of pressure in the second half with Geno Smith just 3-for-10 with an interception in such situations. While much of this pressure was not attributable to an offensive lineman, the pass protection did look shaky for most of the second half.

The Jets have definitely been working at their discipline in terms of holding penalties and personal fouls, but five of their six penalties in yesterday’s game were false starts, including two by Breno Giacomini and one by D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

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BGA: Paw Performance

In the first half, Geno Smith passed for just 32 yards but at least he avoided any major mistakes, right? Well, that’s true, but the Jets are never going to be able to keep pace with teams if that’s all the passing game can muster. Sure enough, they trailed 17-3 at the half. And again, sure enough, even though Smith did make a couple of bad mistakes in the second half, the Jets at least moved the ball more efficiently and were able to outscore the Lions.

While to some extent perhaps the fact the Lions had the lead played into their strategic gameplan in the second half, I still think this provides a good insight into why shackling Smith is a fool’s errand, especially when facing good offensive teams.

Simply put, if you don’t trust your quarterback not to throw the game away, he shouldn’t be your quarterback. We saw this approach several times in the Mark Sanchez era – including a win over the Patriots where he only had 15 yards at halftime. Back then, at least they had the excuse of not having any better alternatives, but if they didn’t invest $4m in Michael Vick to be a viable option to start, why did they invest $4m in him? Surely it can’t solely have been for ill-conceived gadget plays? Not to mention that Vick didn’t take the field at all this week, for the first time – a sign that the coaches are afraid to use him because they don’t want the fan reactions to hurt Smith’s confidence, perhaps? Where have we seen that before?

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BGA: If you ain’t Lion, you ain’t tryin’

Welcome to BGA! We’ll be here the day after every Jets game for an in-depth review of what happened. We’ll look at each position group throughout the day, so keep coming back to TJB to check it out. We’ll also post a summary with links to all the articles later on today.

Let’s move on to discuss yesterday’s game…

This was a very familiar game; the sort which challenges me as a writer because I’m supposed to find new and interesting ways to write about the Jets shortcomings without just cut-and-pasting half of last week’s article and appending the word “again” to the end of every sentence.

Despite the somewhat provocative headline to this article, I’m not questioning the heart and effort of the team. That’s a reference to the fact the Jets played super-conservative on offense in the first half, a plan which worked for one drive, but then left them looking as toothless as they have all season for the rest of the half. This landed them in a 14-point hole – just like last week – and as we established then, the team is not well-equipped to handle such situations.

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BGA Preview: Lions at Jets

During the season, Bent’s Game Analysis charts games for some of the Jets’ upcoming opponents, enabling a break down of what to watch out for on gameday…

For the third straight week, the Jets face NFC North opposition for the first time since 2010. In their last meeting, the Jets erased a 10-point deficit with less than three minutes remaining to win in overtime thanks to some heroics from Santonio Holmes and Nick Folk. The Lions are 2-1 with solid wins over the Giants and the Packers (who of course came from behind to beat the Jets in week two). Their one road game, however, was a 17-point loss to the Panthers.

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BGA Extra: Bears at Jets

Welcome to BGA Extra, where I draw a line under the previous weekend’s game by responding to your questions from BGA during the week. After the jump, I respond to your questions about the game against the Packers. If you would like your questions answered in future, remember to read BGA each week and leave your question in the comments section.

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BGA Wrap-up: Bears at Jets

This was a rough loss for the Jets, somehow managing to combine the feelings of getting completely blown out and also having blown a chance to win the game.

Next week’s game is pretty massive now, with another formidable aerial attack in the shape of the Lions coming to town. If the Jets drop to 1-3 with a road game against the Chargers next up and the the prospect of facing the Broncos and then heading on the road to New England in a five day span, there is a real chance the wheels could be about to fall off the entire season.

As I’ve said today, the Jets are ill-equipped to deal with adversity and then you dig yourselves a hole, your margin of error shrinks dramatically. That’s now in danger of happening in terms of the season as a whole. The good news, if there is any, is that the Jets arguably played well enough to win either of the previous two games and just need to tidy up some key errors. Whether it’s realistic to expect that to happen though is another matter.

There are links to each BGA article or the option to read the offensive and/or defensive BGA in full after the jump.

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