Facebook for the Football Players Soul

The Hudl [Pro] has been around for a while now but it is beginning to become part of the latest trend in Pro Football and it’s quickly gaining steam. In addition to Gang Green using the new technology, the Browns have also begun to use this innovative concept that will change the way players communicate and learn the playbook. It must be good, Favre was quoted on it.

“Hudl is really quick, easy to access, and really easy to use. Things that you could only do here at the facility you can do just as quickly from home.” – Brett Favre, QB.  

What exactly is the Hudl? Well it is simply the designated team’s playbook  without the overwhelming laminated papers and bags of film. Back in 2006, three students from Nebraska developed Hudl which encompasses the teams entire playbook and film into an online library [which includes IM and a calendar] to which players can access within the comfort of their own home. With the teams being able to ‘hand out’ the material to incoming rookies, the rooks show up with the knowledge of all things [insert team name here].

As Eddie Matz put it in his ESPN [The Mag] article, “…Mark Sanchez logs on a website and learns the offense before the ink dries on his contract.” Although it is easier on rookies, the Hudl helps the vets too, guys such as  Jerricho Cotchery and Kellen Clemens can now watch film, message teammates, ect… and spend time with the family.  Of course not everyone is biting into the technology just yet, making sure the secrets are safe costs money [secure servers] and 30 more teams have yet to sign on but some are beginning to warm up to the new technology. In the long term do the benefits outweigh the risks not just for coaches but for players? Absolutely. And who said football players couldn’t have their own social networking site? HA.

For more information on the Hudl, you can visit their website.