Link: Braylon Edwards for Thomas Jones a Possibility?

Mike Florio of PFT reports on the likelihood of a deal that could send Thomas Jones—and perhaps a draft pick—to the Cleveland Browns for Braylon Edwards.

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently floated the possibility of the Browns sending Braylon to the Jets in a trade that would reunite running back Thomas Jones with Browns coach Eric Mangini.

The disclosure came in response to a reader question regarding the possibility of the Jets cutting Jones, who is skipping offseason workouts apparently due to displeasure with his contract.

“Rex Ryan knows that Mangini would scoop up Jones in a New York second if Jones were released,” Grossi writes. “More likely is a future trade involving Jones and, yes, Edwards. You heard it here first.”

The challenge, in our view, will be for the Browns to get something more from the Jets in addition to Jones. And that’s where the action would be on any such transaction, regardless of whether the Browns want yet another of Mangini’s former pupils or whether they want one or more 2010 draft picks.

And the rumor mill keeps on spinning. It’s obvious to me that Rex Ryan & friends are willing to make critical personnel decisions off their observations at minicamp, but did Shonn Greene impress enough to warrant trading away Jones?

Florio’s report is simply diligent offseason digging while NFL news is slow and tough to come by. But what should the Jets give up in terms of draft compensation if this were a reality? Surely any draft pick would have to be conditional in case Edwards brings his Drop Flu to New York.

I would fully expect the Jets to do their due diligence if this scenario presented itself. With talk about the Jets closely monitoring the Plaxico Burress situation, it’s obvious that a new wide receiver is an absolute priority. But do they want to deal with any demands for a new contract from another primadonna WR if he were to have a good season?

Thanks to Leon#29 for the heads up.