Link: Deadspin Weighs in on Smith

With all the news in recent days about Geno Smith, and what befell him during the draft and how it all played out, Deadspin picked up on the story and talked to someone in Geno’s camp about his reasoning for firing his former agency, Select Sports.

Smith, we’re told, was more upset that Select Sports handled him like a potential high pick, failing to do the sorts of things that could have improved his draft position. Our source says Smith wanted to take part in the Senior Bowl, a showcase for talent looking to move up, but his agents convinced him to skip it. When Pro Football Weekly issued a scathing scouting report, calling Smith “not committed or focused” and deriding his “marginal work ethic,” Smith was disappointed that his agents did nothing to combat the negative press it created, our source says.

Brian Bassett,

Deadspin points out that Select Sports used Florio to reply publicly to their own private comments.

Ah Florio …

Read the full Deadspin article, and you’ll get a sense of how dysfunctional an organization Select Sports looks to be based on the way Deadspin portrays it.  There’s a lot of drama around this whole storyline right now, but we think Smith is doing the right thing by moving away from an agency that he felt didn’t best represent him in the draft process … We’ve heard stories of much more frivolous reasons players with 1/10 the notoriety have used to fire their agents … so Geno has a basis for what he’s doing.  We get the notion that some put forward that Smith firing his agent is just a microcosm of larger concerns about him, but we see it the other way around.  Smith is taking action to right the ship that Select Sports tried to sink for him … that’s Geno Smith’s opinion of the situation, and since his agents work for him, that’s all that matters.

For most fans of the Jets, this is all meaningless.  Fans know that the Jets are going to have control over Geno Smith in a very financially friendly situation for up to four years.  If Geno Smith isn’t the best quarterback, financials won’t be part of the situation to play or not play him … unlike the Jets last high draft pick at the spot.  The team drafted Smith using a pick that would have likely otherwise have gone to a tight end and they can move on from it whenever they feel necessary.

Beyond the drama around the position while the starter gets sorted out, there’s really no downside to the pick.



its week 4......13 weeks left.....he will be out there sooner than later...relax.....could it be too late when he does return is another question however


Cruz will miss a few more weeks,

he will play this year....

Harris is not the answer, except for a Jet sweep,

Davis will be a better fit,

Vereen is the best Slot option, he ran the complete Slot route tree with the Pat's.

Randle also has played well from the Slot.

but I'm more concerned about the O-Line & the Defense.


Spiegelman says: Cruz is now a long shot to play at all this season. Does he know something that hasn't been made public, and if so, what? Or is he making an uninformed guess? My uninformed guess is that he's back within two games. This is not a new injury. Unless he tore the calf badly, it's just not completely healed; that's typical of calf injuries, and it would risk re-injury and the season to push it. Remember that Beckham missed more games at the start last year for a similar reason, and did great when he finally came back. Too bad about this week, but unless Cruz badly aggravated the calf--do you know that, Spiegelman?--this setback does not implicate the entire season, rather it protects against that. Calm down, unless you know something you're not telling us.


No time table ? How about in 2016? How about he gets shipped out in later part of 2016 !