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Nations around the world are on the brink of collapse due to the aftershocks of the financial crisis and austerity measures have been adopted in efforts to reign in some of the reckless measures of the past.  Similarly, the Jets need to curtail some of the seemingly ill-advised spending that has dominated the Jets over the last five years, writes Kristian Dyer in a well-reasoned argument for Metro.

Welcome to the new reality for Jets fan, who are learning to deal with the consequences of the last regime’s “buy now” philosophy which left the team strapped for salary-cap space and devoid of both depth and talent.


The pattern of spending sprees and veteran rentals that produced the consecutive AFC Championship game appearances in 2009 and 2010 are not the premise for sustainable success. The team’s fans and the organization itself must get over those two runs in the playoffs and realize there was plenty of lucky involved both times.

Brian Bassett,

The NFL Draft is the best way to build long-term and viable success because it then allows for the proper management of salary cap.  Is using a fourth round draft pick on a tight end who can start worth more or less than paying a free agent six million per season?  Is it worth more or less than carrying an undrafted player on the roster for three years before he produces?  The draft must be central and everything else should be filled in with a few pieces here or there as necessary … teams should have the freedom to sign a high-priced free agent, but not always need to do so.

For the most past, the Jets are taking their salary cap lumps now on the front end and it will pay dividends by being about to get out from under some bad contracts in a year’s time.