Mad Backer: The Bart Scott Story?

Move over Kerry “Hollywood” Rhodes, it looks like he’s not the only one with movie deals in the works. Two former New Line Cinema execs have started a new venture with many projects in the pipes and one they have optioned is about new Jet linebacker Bart Scott.

Shaye and Lynne have joined forces with journalist Gay Talese on a sports feature based on the formative years of Bart Scott, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker who just signed with the New York Jets at $48 million for six years. Talese sparked to the story of Scott’s upbringing in a tough area of Detroit.

Talese “is at least going to join us to write an extended treatment, and then we’ll find a writer to fill it out,” Lynne said.

I’m not clear whether this is a documentary, drama, or what. I’ll be curious to see how this plays out and whether it goes to production.

[Dark Horizons via Variety]

Hat tip to Mike B. in Massapequa for sending this on.