Time for a Game of Leapfrog?

On Monday, McElroy’s locker was mobbed by reporters and JP Pelzman writes for the Record that the Jets should seriously consider ‘leapfrogging’   Greg McElroy ahead of Tim Tebow – especially since he has broken ribs – and let the second year quarterback see some action on game day.

Arm strength is a question mark for McElroy, but he could be the game manager Ryan has been seeking. Remember, Ryan’s ultimate blueprint for winning is to run the football, play tough defense and not commit turnovers. That would seem to make McElroy, who guided Alabama to the 2009 national championship, a better fit for this offense than the continually mistake-prone Sanchez.

There are other potential benefits to giving McElroy a chance, including the fact that Ryan would be sending a long-overdue message to the rest of the team that playing time ultimately is based on performance. Because Ryan, a players’ coach, never benches anyone, one wonders if complacency has seeped into the Jets’ locker room. Sitting down the starting quarterback would change that.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

For real football wonks who would read a site like this one, I appreciate that Pelzman would put this into the marketplace for discussion — because let’s face it, it deserves to be discussed and while fans have been talking about this for weeks, not many in the press have been so bold.

I don’t disagree with JP, but I know how unlikely this is.  I for one would be very curious to see what Greg McElroy would do for the Jets in regular season action, but I’m a realist and know that this will probably never happen other than through injury – especially in a Rex Ryan regime.

For whatever reason, right now I’m thinking about Joe Flacco, probably because I think that Flacco is the QB that Rex Ryan wishes he had in New York.  Flacco has never scorched the league out with his passer rating (career 86 rating), but he’s been consistently able to hit passes on more than 60% of his throws and he’s been able to protect the football and score more readily in the red zone.  Mark Sanchez hasn’t been able to do that consistently now four years into the league and while I worry about how someone like McElroy would pair up with the defense and if he would be able to cover them enough, I don’t doubt he’d be good at protecting the football .. the one thing that Sanchez seems wholly incapable of doing.

As for the point about performance-based benchings?  I feel like that ship has sailed at this point for Rex Ryan.  Yes, Bart Scott has seen less time all season long, but that was foreseen from the point in which he flipped off the camera last season on Baggie Day.  Other than that, what has Rex Ryan done to challenge this team from within?  Give Bilal Powell some more carries?  Pretty much everywhere else it’s clear that if you were the starter at the end of training camp, then you’re still the starter, no matter how poorly you’ve played.  Why would players be worried about their jobs?  Rex Ryan doesn’t seem to be.

To be fair, now maybe this all dramatically changes once the team has eight losses, but I’m dubious to think it will.

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Looks like a back room deal to keep the GMen off Hard Knocks.


This will be a BIG JOKE.....


Traveling Scouts are a Thing of the PAST.....

With the WEB & U-Tube,

ALL College Players, can be SCOUTed at HOME...

Just Look at the NYG's past Draft's,

the GIANTS Scouting TEAM,



the BUSTs out number the success's 10 to 1......

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

Maybe we can find out why on earth they didn't draft Zach Martin in the 1st Rd


thanks for the heads up i look forward to watching it, should be interesting and enlightening.


@Brian Webster


REESE just Wanted to FILL WR Nicks Spot,

at ALL Costs.....

REESE made up his MIND and that was it..... PERIOD



@Skookaloop @Brian Webster sad unless Beckham becomes a stud WR when he returns, too early to say it was the wrong decision.. if he is still dealing with injuries etc... into next  year than the giants made a mistake but i'm giving that pick more time.