Yikes! Week 1 2013 Power Rankings pan the Jets


With a turbulent off-season and an unknown commodity starting at quarterback this Sunday for the Jets, NFL Power Rankings are in and they aren’t good for the Jets. See for yourselves:

ESPN: Ranked – 32nd
FOX SPORTS:  Ranked – 30th
CBS SPORTS:  Ranked – 30th
YAHOO!:  Ranked – 26th
USA TODAY:  Ranked – 30th
NFL.com:  Ranked – 30th

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Is it going to be as bad as all that? We don’t think so. But we get that many are massively discounting this team’s ability to be competitive. Unless there are star players littering the roster, national analysts will never give a given team the time of day until they start winning.

Let’s hope this makes the bulletin board in the Jets locker room for the season.