BFL 2010 Week 5 Recap: Now We Know Everything


Each week, one blogger from the BFL takes a turn at writing the fantasy recap for the past week.  This week was my turn.  Enjoy! –BB

In the past five, years I have learned to roll my eyes at the overreactions after just one or two weeks of NFL football.  For example, after the Jets – Ravens MNF game Week One, the punderatii feared for the worst about Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

Typical Pundit: Oh no!  The kid’s awful! Too many Broadway musicals has turned his noodle to zombie mush!!  Protect your own brains and dust off those colored wristbands!!!

[Fast forward four weeks]


Typical Pundit: Oh yes!  The kid’s come of age!  I’ve seen this coming now for two whole weeks!  It’s all the work Sanchez did in the offseason that’s really paying off.  I knew this team was heading to the Super Bowl before I thought they weren’t going!

See what I mean?

After months of eagerly waiting for football to come back, obsessing over the games, we gorge on the gluttonous feast that is Week One, only to realize too late that we overdid it with one too many Frisman Jackson waiver wire acquisitions.  Which is precisely why I am so glad that I get to do this post after five glorious weeks of the NFL season.

So it’s with no trepidation that I say, now more than a month into the NFL season that this season is, in fact, crazier than a sack of rabid weasels, or maybe a Mastodon video.

I mean seriously!  Look at who’s at or near the top of their respective rankings.  Did you see this coming?  Because I sure didn’t.

RB Arian Foster – Fantasy Island seemed mixed on the philosophical Foster going into the preseason, but by Labor Day, the Arian Foster hype was in full effect.  Still Foster is a casualty of many leagues who drafted in mid-August have been caught off guard by the phenomenon that is Arian Foster.  Us BFLers among them.  Foster is carrying the ball at a 5.9 YPC clip … 1.6 YPC better than Chris Johnson, many league’s consensus #1 overall pick.  Of course his benching the other week and his 25 yard performance this past weekend against the Giants didn’t help, but hey … he’s still really good.

QB Michael Vick – While he did play at select times last year, the man who seemed destined to serve two more years burst back onto the scene Week 1, eventually getting named starter before sitting due to a nasty hit to the ribs.  While he’s only started & completed two games, from a fantasy perspective, he’s still a top five quarterback by points in many leagues, and who knows what the rest of the season holds for him and his karmically unaware coach.

WR Brandon Lloyd – A guy who has been run off by two teams, is the league’s leading receiver in terms of total yards.  This is a guy who was traded by the Niners to the Skins for a sack of magic beans, who then rewarded his new team with a 25 catch  379 yards two season contribution before being summarily cut in 2008.  Now he’s working with McDaniels & Neckbeard and seems to be rebuilding his reputation as a legitimate receiver in the NFL.

Now, consider the standings of some of the Divisions.

  • The AFC South is turning into a The Good, The Bad & The Ugly style standoff  with all teams at 3-2.
  • The Steelers are an impressive 3-1 and nipping at the Ravens heels without their star Quarterback.
  • The Chargers & Cowboys are realizing that winning their divisions is not a birthright.
  • The Lions might be the toughest out, while the banged up Packers are reeling, and have yet to beat a contender.
  • Samurai Mike might be duty-bound to commit seppuku at the top of the TransAmerica building before this season is over.

In case this causes you some deep-seeded pain, here’s a sweet picture of Star Wars characters rocking out that always brightens my day.


Onto the awards …


Browns Ravens Football Ray Rice – After not being able to crest the 100 yard rushing mark, or break the plane so far this season, he did both in one game, accumulating 2 TDs and 159 yards from scrimmage.  Also, Rice powered famed Rutgers apologist Dan Levy of Press Coverage to a brutal evisceration of Team What Would Revis Do. Sigh


Peyton Manning – I am already ducking for cover from the countless pork tenderloin sandwiches which are doubtless already heading my way as I write this.  The last time that Manning (in a game that actually mattered) threw for no TDs and an interception, was in 2008 in that crazy Week 13 10-6 win over Cleveland.  Buck up, Colts fans, PeyPey’s still the best QB in football. I’m sure he’ll bounce back.


hakeem Hakeem Nicks – This just in, Houston has a terrible secondary!  But Hakeem Nicks is also a pretty darn good player.  12 receptions, 130 yards and 2 scores?  Well done, Mr. Nicks.  Now if Nicks and that mouth-breathing QB of his can just face Houston every week …


Greg Jennings – I know it was a rough day for the Packers, but two catches and 22 yards against a bad Redskins secondary is not going to get it done.  Jennings is averaging just 2.8 catches and 36.6 yards receiving through five games.  This might be a great time to try and trade for Jennings for someone you just picked up on a whim last week … Jennings for, say … Danny Woodhead?  Sounds good to me!


Need a QB? – Houston’s secondary is the Washington Generals of the NFL this year.  If you need a spot starter, you can’t go wrong with Matt Cassel, who is available in 91% of leagues on  No QB has thrown for less than 250 yards against this defense, with McNabb and Peyton both having 400+ yard days.

CJ2KTD2 – Not that you were going to bench him, but Chris Johnson will get one of his best matchups of the year facing one of the league’s worst run defenses at Jacksonville on Monday Night football.  Sidenote: I will give you one coupon redeemable for a free backrub as performed by yours truly if you can watch this game end-to-end.

Hines Ward – With Ben Roethlisberger slated to start in his first game back from suspension, Hines Ward should start to regain some of the impact we’re used to seeing from him.  Add in the fact that the Steelers play Cleveland, who has struggled with #1 receivers so far this season and he could have a breakout game.


Most Bench Points Award goes to DayQuil, Fighter of the NyQuil, who clocked in with a rousing 53 points in Zerkle’s win over Jerod Morris’s MidWestSportsFan team.

Least Bench Points Award goes to Team Gunaxin, who despite just having one player on BYE, managed exactly zero bench points.  Efficient?  No doubt, but they were still asploded by Team Fresh 2 Death.

Hats off to Dan Levy’s Press Coverage team who got their first win at the expense of well … me and Team Prilosec OTC’s WWRD squad.  Harrumph!  Ray Rice and Michael Bush did the lion’s share of the work, resulting in a well-deserved win for Dan.  He stuck his neck out to get Ray Rice in the draft, I goofed him for it, and now we know who got the last laugh.  On Dan’s Friday podcast last week, I said I would be proud to die at his hands, and die, I did.

In world domination news, Dan Shanoff’s 99 Rated Swagger continues it’s destruction of the BFL landscape with yet another obscene performance in Week 5.  Sometimes, there are people on this planet who just love chaos, and I think Shanoff might well fit that mold.  It’s clear after five weeks that Shanoff won’t be happy until he’s left a trail of bitter and broken carcasses in his wake.  He’s the Chong Li of the BFL.


Fellow Team Prilosec OTC teammate Aaron Schatz of course, had the misfortune of playing 99-Rated Swagger … the only team to which his impressive 115 points performance would lose.  Chong Li cares not.

Team Gunaxin?  You better get in some extra ice block busting training .. I think Shanoff just flexed his pecs, pointed to you and said …

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