BGA Special: Extra Preseason Stats

The Jets have already started to release players following last night’s final preseason game. Unsporting though it is for them to have begun this process before I’ve had time to publish the final BGA, I shall press on regardless and you’ll get that later this afternoon.

Over the course of preseason, I’ve been tracking the following unofficial statistics which are not usually recorded: Sacks, QB hits, pressures, missed tackles, tackles for losses, and Sacks/QB hits/pressures allowed by offensive linemen. After the jump, the final, unofficial statistics for those categories brought to you by BGA, along with an explanation of the criteria used.

Total Pressure

Maybin 9 (three sacks, two hits, four pressures)
McIntyre 9 (2, 1, 6)
Westerman 7 (0, 4, 3)
Gilbert 5 (0, 1, 4)
Wilkerson 5 (0, 0, 5)
Mauga 4 (1, 2, 1)
Dixon 4 (0, 2, 2)
Pitoitua 4 (0, 1, 3)
Cole 2 (1, 0, 1)
Harris, Satele 2 (0, 2, 0)
Lowery 2 (0, 1, 1)
Scott, DeVito, Thomas (0, 0, 2)
Wilson 1 sack
Pool, Cook, Berning 1 hit
Ellis, Leonhard, Washington, Smith 1 pressure

Missed Tackles

McIntyre 5
Satele, Mauga 4
Lankster 3
Scott, Wilkerson, Westerman, Pace, Smith, Berning 2
Eleven different players 1 each

Tackles for Losses

Dixon, Harris 4
Pitoitua 3
Jones, Scott 2
Mauga, Westerman, Pace, Ellis, McIntyre, Bellore, Gilbert, Strickland, Berning 1

Total Pressure Allowed

Clifford 14 (three sacks, four hits, seven pressures)
Ducasse 10 (3, 4, 3)
Landolt 8 (2, 0, 6)
Kroul 7 (1, 0, 6)
Hunter 5 (1, 0, 4)
Stewart 5 (0, 2, 3)
Taylor 4 (2, 0, 2)
Moore 3 (0, 0, 3)
Unattributed 2 (1, 0, 1)
McKnight, Ferguson, Cumberland 2 (0, 1, 1)
Mulligan 1 sack
Felix 1 hit
Powell, Slauson 1 pressure

Team Stats

Total Pressure 70 (eight sacks, 21 hits, 41 pressures)
Pressure Surrendered 63 (fifteen sacks, 12 hits, 36 pressures)
Total Missed Tackles 41
Tackles for Losses 24


This was the criteria used for each category. This was applied as uniformly as possible.

– Sacks are self explanatory.
– QB hits include when a QB was contacted (not necessarily knocked down) after releasing a pass, or as he released the ball, as well as occasions when the QB was hit by a pass rusher, but escaped by virtue of a missed tackle.
– Pressures are recorded any time the pass rusher beats his lineman and either (a) causes the QB to step up to avoid him, (b) flushes him from the pocket or (c) gets within one step of him before he releases the ball.
– Missed tackles include any occasion where the tackle was broken or any time that there was an attempt at a tackle and the tackler missed completely, but the runner must escape the tackle completely – driving them for extra yards before being brought down does not count. Also, sometimes a missed tackle might still have been a positive play, by redirecting a runner who was stopped, but it would still have been counted here.
– Tackles for losses are always credited to the tackler, even if someone else was the one who blew up the play. In that respect they are exactly the same as sacks.
– Sacks allowed are credited to the person whose man recorded the sack, or if a blitzer was unblocked, the person who appeared to be responsible for blocking him – usually identified by the fact that everyone else picks up their man. Sometimes the blocker does a good job but his man gets the sack due to pressure from somewhere else, but this would still be recorded.
– Pressures allowed are as above and credited to the blocker that was beaten. If multiple blockers were beaten, the pressure is credited to the blocker whose man got there first. You cannot have more than one pressure on a play, but you could have a pressure and a sack, if the pressure came from one person, but the sack came from someone else.