Breaking News: Jets Release Laveranues Coles


This post will be updated frequently, we wanted to get the word out …

Word coming out this afternoon that the Jets have released WR Laveranues Coles. Coles agent met with the team in the Combine last weekend, so it was a premonition of things to come … so we’re not exactly surprised.  Coles has been looking for a long-term deal for a while, but his physical style isn’t the complement that the team needs to Jerricho Cotchery.  Hutch reports that it’s an amicable split for all parties involved with potential for Coles to return.

Coles, who was scheduled to earn a guaranteed $6 million salary for the 2009-10 season, wanted a long-term deal with the team. But when the two sides could not reach an agreement, they reached a compromise, giving Coles the right to find his own deal on the open market on the eve of free agency.

“We didn’t leave on bad terms,” Coles said. “It’s not out of the question that I could come back.”

From a look at the the Jets cap, no money is saved by this move, as the money was guaranteed … but who knows? Conventional thought is that the only relief the team gets is from him always whining about his deal.  

Maybe there’s some clause that we’re missing.  My understanding though was the the money was guaranteed unless the team traded him or gave him a new deal … the odd thing is … was there some trapdoor clause in the deal?  Look at the report from the NY Post last year, clearly the deal was re-worked in some fashion according to Canny

Coles, who entered this offseason with two remaining years on his contract worth $11 million but wanted an extension to ensure he’d finish his career as a Jet, yesterday agreed to that extension. Terms of the deal were not immediately available, but it’s believed Coles had either two or three years added to his contract.

At least it’s not ugly, Hutch writes that the team and Coles left on good terms, and Coles who is quoted in the piece had only good things to say about Rex.  The other silver lining is that it busts open the roster for competition. 

You’d have to think there was some out-clause for the team.  Maybe not, but the worst case is that there was no savings, best case, those monies were 

Wondering why Clowney’s contract was waiting, on Tanny’s desk?  This might have had something to do with it.  At the least, it means that David Clowney has a real chance at competing on this team now with guys like Stuckey and Smith, or  that the Jets might be interested in free agent WRs should the Bart Scott thing fall through or look for answers via the draft.  They need a deep burner who can stretch the field, or don’t bother investing any money, in my opinion.

Thanks to Doug in Long Valley for the heads up.