Buzz: Jets to Resign Bryan Thomas?

While news broke yesterday that the Jets are interested in signing free agent linebacker Jarret Johnson, Brian Costello of the New York Post is reporting that the Jets also have discussed resigning soon-to-be free agent Bryan Thomas.


The Jets are considering re-signing free-agent outside linebacker Bryan Thomas, according to two sources.

Thomas missed most of the 2011 season with a torn left Achilles tendon, but he has been rehabilitating the injury and expects to be 100 percent for next season.

The Jets selected Thomas, 32, in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft. When they let go defensive end Shaun Ellis last summer, Thomas became the longest-tenured Jet. Thomas’ 145 games played are the fourth-most for a linebacker in team history.

He suffered the season-ending injury on Oct. 2 in a 34-17 loss to the Ravens. Many in the organization felt the loss of Thomas severely hindered the team’s defense, and the team never found a stable replacement for him. Jamaal Westerman, Garrett McIntyre, Josh Mauga and Aaron Maybin all spent time in Thomas’ spot.

Thomas spent the rest of the season working out at the Jets’ training center, so the team’s doctors should have a good idea of how healthy Thomas is.

It is unclear what role the Jets would bring back Thomas in. Maybin emerged last season as the team’s best pass rusher. The Jets could use a combination of Thomas on running downs with Maybin entering in pass situations.

This is interesting. From what I understand, Johnson and Thomas are two very similar players. Much like BT, Johnson is known for stopping the run. (He only had 2.5 sacks last season). It will be interesting to see if the Jets choose between Johnson and Thomas, or if they decide to bring in both. I truly thought Thomas was done in a Jets uniform, especially since he’s coming off of a serious injury. Nonetheless, this will certainly be something to keep an eye on as free agency approaches.


I've been reading a lot of posts regarding our management, whether Snow and or Capuano and staff go or stay and the only thing I can say is, if we don't learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. Yes, we have talent, talent that has greater potential, we have a very good prospect pool, so the pieces are in place we just need the proper people to put it all together. We can't assume, like two years ago, that playoffs and playoff success is simply a given. With the way this season ended I would put the Islanders as a bubble team for the playoffs next year. Why you ask? For starters our record against the Metro Division, it'll be very hard to duplicate that. Other non playoff teams, Columbus, Philadelphia, Boston, Florida will be in the thick of things. The Devils, Hurricanes, Leafs and Sabres will try to improve but will likely be bottom feeders. I think the Capitals, Senators, Red Wings and Islanders (without change) are this year's playoff teams that could very well be on the outside looking in. I didn't include the Penguins only because they were without 4 of their top defensemen for a significant portion of the season. They are also in cap hell so they can go either way. Teams are moving quickly in order to get their house in order for the draft, free agency and next season. Edmonton has made the first big splash, Boston and Philadelphia are prime destinations, there's only so many seats in this game of musical chairs and if we just take the cavalier approach of "we'll just put Capuano and Snow on a short leash" well then in my opinion we would have made a huge mistake. I truly believe Snow has done a good job of restocking the organization and Capuano was a good choice to replace Gordon and I thank them for their efforts but I think they have taken us as far as they are capable of. This IS the the time of change, new arena, new owners we need new management, new faces/voices, new culture/attitude. Godspeed everyone.

Adam Guttman
Adam Guttman

Agree on all counts except one. Snow has done an amazing job. Very few franchises have a core locked up for years at cap friendly deals. Prospect pool is in top 5 of the NHL. Cap space left to still do more. Chips to trade if we need to and right player available. He has absolutely earned the right to stay. Cappy on the other hand has done a good job with what he had. This was first year he really had a playoff caliber team. 101 point season. he's learning in the job. Like other players in rookie years who have bumps in growth. They sit or get sent down to hone their game. It's time to send Cappy back to farm or to the press box and bring back up the vet who has experience. Kinda like what he did to Nelson and lee. Time for us to move on and grab a vet coach. Someone who has been through it all and can lead because they have been there. Experienced it.


@Adam Guttman. That's fair. I do think Snow has been better at his job than Capuano but with that said the islanders are creeping closer to the cap limit. This is the time when making the right roster decisions become critical.


Most memorable games over the last 14 years of season tickets in my opinion not in any order:

All three Leaf home playoff games in 2002

Al Arbour 1500 Night.

The "Santa" game.

Dubie' s amazing Easter week in 2007 with any loss knocking out the Islanders.

The Penguins brawl game.

Last Saturday's Game 6 against the Caps.