Congratulations to the Packers

The Super Bowl is over now and the Packers are the new reigning Champions.  Favored by many analysts of this game, the Packers came out strong and didn’t let the Steelers into the game until basically the second half.  The Packers now have THIRTEEN total championships since their inception.

Even without some of their secondary — most notably their best corner Charles Woodson — for the second half, the Packers did their best to limit Roethlisberger’s options down field, while pressuring him up front.  A lot of it had to do with how well their linebackers played defensively.  On offense, Rodgers stayed in against a tough Steelers’ blitz and how they moved the ball with a lot of short passes spreading the Steelers defenders out.

As a Jets fan it’s hard to watch how well the Packers dominated this team throughout the majority of the game and not get into “what if” scenarios.  Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy had a lot of pressure in the past few years trying to get the Favre monkey off their back, so now that they’ve won without him, it’s fair to say that the team has finally expelled that demon.

Congratulations to the Packers and to their fans.  Just don’t get too cozy with that Lombardi trophy, we’ll be coming for it next year.