Cotchery is Released; Rest of the Players Are Back at Practice

FLORHAM PARK–The best moment of the day today was at 5:00 pm when a murmer seemed to go through the players and all of a sudden the guys who have been unable to practice because they were waiting for the CBA to be ratified, took off at a run toward the locker room. Within 10 minutes, they were all back in full uniform.

The worst moment of the day was when we walked out to practice and were handed a roster that, for the first time in seven years, did not contain Jerricho Cotchery’s name. The team announced that he has been released.

Cotchery has been a class-act since day one. Even when questions of his trade or release started to come up, his demeanor never changed. He answered every question politely looking relaxed, with a smile on his face. That’s been Jerricho Cotchery since the day he arrived in New York in 2004. He’s take on every role they’ve ever asked from him, no questions asked. He struggled mightily last year with his back in constant pain, but he never let on and still doesn’t talk a lot about it. He gave him final press conference as a New York Jet today and it was no different than any of the others he has given in his career.

After all the build up, Plaxico Burress’s return to practice will be delayed further. The wide receiver “tweaked” (in Rex Ryan’s words) his ankle yesterday. According to Burress himself, he was working out, doing some route-running and rolled it. Burress and Ryan, both said it’s nothing serious, but he will be out of practice for a day or two. If I had to bet, it’ll be more like two. That way, with the team off on Saturday, he’ll have three full days to rest before trying to practice on Sunday.

However, Ryan said that the team’s goal is to have Burress ready for the season opener against Dallas. He seemed relatively unconcerned about anything prior to that.

Burress himself expressed no doubt or worry that he would be ready whenever he is needed. He said that he has already absorbed everything they’ve given him so far.

In describing what he’s going to bring to the Jets and Mark Sanchez, Burress said, “I’m a quarterback-friendly receiver. You don’t need to be accurate. Just put it in a place where I can get it.”

What Ryan is looking for from Sanchez is for him to become the leader he has been groomed to be. However, Ryan is not expecting Sanchez to carry the entire load and wants to make sure his quarterback knows that too. “He just has to be part of the solution, he doesn’t have to be the solution all by himself.”

In the odds and ends category, Ryan described himself as having been “stunned” when he heard Brodney Pool was re-signing. According to Ryan, he had heard that Pool had “a substantial contract offer from another team” and beyond pleasantly surprised when he heard that Pool chose instead to come back to the Jets. Pool was at the afternoon practice.

Anecdote (?) of the Day: As we were heading back inside from player availability, we could see Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson (and Johnson’s brother) across the field, standing in a circle while Tannenbaum talked on a cell phone. It was about 12:30 p.m. We speculated that we were watching the negotiations for Derrick Mason.