Could the Jets Move Up for Ingram?

In his Sunday round-up Rich Cimini shares that the Jets really like Melvin Ingram.

The Jets also have the hots for South Carolina DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, a versatile pass rusher who can play almost anywhere in the front seven. There are some who can believe he can be a 4-3 MLB. He has serious wheels. Against Georgia, he took a direct snap on a fake punt and ran 68 yards for a TD. Hey, maybe the Jets can let him run the wildcat. (Kidding.) Ingram, projected as a top-10 pick, is someone the Jets might be willing to move up for.

Ingram is unconventional, just like their defense is.  Ingram is a gamer, doesn’t care where he lines up but just wants to be on the field as much as possible – Rex has to love that.  It makes sense that the Jets would want Ingram for their defense, though I do worry a little about what it might take for them to move up to get him.

As noted, he could line up in many spots in a front seven (DE, DT, OLB, ILB?) in both three and four man fronts, and not necessarily be out of place.  While he’s been compared to players like Dwight Freeney and Justin Tuck, there’s also a resemblance to Adalius Thomas in that freakish versatility.  Where he might fall down would be as a play-in play-out edge setter.  While he’s fast, powerful, and versatile he might not have the arm-length to out leverage a Tackle over the course of a whole game — but that’s not really a concern for Rex and Pettine, as they have enough of those guys already on the roster.  Specifically Pace & Thomas to make the situation work.