David Harris Update, Ryan is 'Concerned'

Could ILB David Harris be out for the Jets this Saturday? Harris, who sprained his right ankle in the second quarter and was replaced by Ryan Fowler, during the Jetfs 37-0 victory over the Bengals, likely won’t be on the practice field today with the rest of the team. Could it be something that lingers into the weekend? Coach Ryan, who we all know doesn’t hold back much told the press yesterday that it’s weighing on his mind.

“I’m definitely concerned. Absolutely,” Rex Ryan said yesterday.

Ryan said he’s “hopeful” his leading tackler will be able to play. Harris’ ankle didn’t have an excessive amount of swelling, according to a source – a positive sign.

When Ryan sounds concerned, it makes me concerned. Bear in mind that this is a shortened week, what with the late game Sunday night, and then the league in their infinite wisdom making it the first game on Saturday. Grr.

I do think that this will be like the Jim Leonhard situation earlier in the year, where Harris ends up playing, but is obviously impeded in the process. Harris might have trouble making the practices this week, but I do think that the team will do their best to activate him and see what he can offer on Sunday. Looks like we’ll have to keep an eye on the practice reports this week.