Expect More "Terminator" This Season


By now everyone knows that head coach, Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets organization plans on getting back to their “Ground and Pound” roots. One guy who expects to reap the dividends by means of increased playing time is none other than the Jets hard-hitting fullback, aptly named “The Terminator.” TJB was able to catch up with Con-Crete during OTA’s as he shared some thoughts on the upcoming season:

On the difference between Brian Schottenheimer’s and Tony Sparano’s offensive schemes in terms of how the fullback is used:

“With this offense it seems like I will be used a lot more in different spots on the field, aside from just basic fullback stuff. I’m going to be pretty much all over the place, it seems like coach Sparano has a lot of confidence in my ability, by placing me all over the field and he expects me to execute.

On Sparano bringing back the physical mentality to the team that seemed to be lacking in 2011:

“I thought it was a good addition to the team in bringing that physical swagger back to the Jets offense. I had a chance to play under coach Sparano at the Senior Bowl and it gave me the opportunity to get a taste of what his offense was like. When I realized that he was coming in to be the offensive coordinator it got me really excited just to know that we were going back to our “Ground and Pound” identity.”

On what he feels he has improved most upon/has become most comfortable with going into year three:

“I’m getting more confidence as I learn the offense and it becomes more natural to me. I’m starting to recognize defenses. Last year was pretty much my rookie year because I didn’t get as much playing time, splitting time with T-Rich (Tony Richardson). Last year was my first year as a starter and after getting a full year under my belt, I’m starting to feel more comfortable with everything.”

On what he learned from playing behind an All-Pro and consummate professional in Tony Richardson:

“I learned a lot from him, his experience playing in the league for all those years really rubbed off on me and I believe that it has and will continue to make me a better player going into my third year.”

(Being more specific): “He gave me pointers on how to be a professional, things like taking care of yourself, talking to the media, everything really.”

On what seems to be his current/most popular nickname within the locker room:

“I don’t know, I hear them both. I hear “Con-crete” and I hear “Terminator” so whatever it is, I’ll take it.”