Film Room: Snowboulder Fight!!!


During the game, fans seemed more interested in making snowmen than watching the game.  Afterwards, they thought it would be fun to pelt the team with snowballs.  The Jets just lost to a pathetic three win team, so look which dope fiend JETS TEAM CAPTAIN is throwing snow boulders into the crowd

Why, Shaun Ellis of course!!!

This is the classy, dignified, disciplined team that Mangini has built in three years in New York. Good work, coach!!!

Hat tip to John Shabe for finding this.


  1. […] There is always a ton of rain in Seattle. Not so much snow, though. However, in Mike Holmgren’s final home game as Seahawks head coach, Mother Nature decided to get a little funky and pelt the ‘Hawks homefield with a ton of the white powder. Seahawks fans responded accordingly, pelting everyone in site with snowballs. Including the Jets as they did the George Michael walk off the field. Shaun Ellis, Jets team captain, didn’t take this so well, slinging snowballs back at the fans.(Gracias, TJB.) […]