Free Agent Focus: OLB Manny Lawson

Recently Pro Football Focus released their list of the top 50 free agents in this year’s class.  In honor of that as we head to free agency next month, we’re going to focus on some of the players that the Jets might debate in their war room in the next month .. 

Manny Lawson
Position: Outside Linebacker
Age: 27 Experience: 6
Height: 6’5″ Weight: 240 pounds

Why it might work: Lawson has played in familiar systems to Rex’s in San Francisco and Cinci.  While Lawson hasn’t had the statistical success over his six year career with the Niners and Bengals that his first round draft tag might have projected, but he’s a base-package player, is a good outside rushing linebacker at providing pressure, and works best when moving forward than backwards.  He’s not going to win the world over with a Suggs-like pass-rush, but he’d be a good and cheap addition to the team looking to find some players who can play both base and pass-rush packages.

Why it might not work: Even at this point in his career, Lawson can use some help with his technique.  Rex’s defensive coaches should be able to help him with that, if he was willing to heed the advice.  Lawson also might want more than the Jets would be willing to pay, he took a $3 million one-year contract with the Bengals last year as reference.  Also, if he’s going to take a discounted deal, it might only be to stay with a team that is on the rise.