Here’s One the Jets Should Alligator-Arm


With the big news from yesterday that Randy Moss was let go by the Vikings after 26 days, Gary Myers writes in the Daily News that Moss wouldn’t be the right fit in New York.

Moss has not been worth the aggravation this year:

Bill Belichick could take him no more and dumped him on Oct. 6 to the Vikings for a third-round pick. At the time, it seemed like a petty move by Belichick, a way to run away from Moss’ constant complaining about not being offered a new contract. But it took only 26 days for the Vikings to cut him. This came after Moss caught one pass for eight yards Sunday in his return to New England. The Vikes were 1-3 with Moss and he caught 13 passes for 174 yards and two TDs.

Randy Moss is unhinged, his interaction with Revis, is proof enough for that.  Having lived in Massachusetts for six years, and getting to watch Randy for the better part of three years up close I think Myers is right.  That he’s an aggravation is a given, it’s how it weighs against what he does on the field. 

This year, Moss’s efforts don’t outweigh the antics.  It’s pretty well known around the league that he requires a lot of maintenance … cajoling, encouragement on the field, constant affirmation off it, promises of getting touches, needing ‘love’ (i.e. money) from his organization, etc. I think that has to be part of the reason that one of the greatest WRs who has ever played the game has been let go by his team twice in the span of a month.

Two years ago, the Jets would have a legitimate reason to go after Moss. Now with Edwards, Holmes and an emerging Dustin Keller, there’s really no reason for the Jets to try this.  Moss is still a good player, sure, but there’s two things that would make him an extreme detriment to the Jets.

First, all the TLC he needs.  Brady did a good job of acting as “big brother” for a handful of years, but clearly the act wore thin.  The Patriots showed they’d rather have a less talented short receiver who is a more well-adjusted human and works hard on every play, than a potential HOFer who will jake it on plays or short-arm balls whenever he feels like it.

Second, Randy Moss is an immense talent, and with that talent comes a penchant for QBs to throw it deep to him.  Think of it as the subconscious Randy Ratio.  I wrote about this some time ago when the Pats traded him.  There’s something about his QBs feeling compelled to throw it to him, regardless of whether he will try to catch it, can catch it, or is in position to catch it. 

With Sanchez still trying to get past some mental hurdles and feel comfortable with this offense, maybe he’s feeling pressure to keep everyone happy, he needs another “give me the ball” playmaker like I need an extra hole in the head.