Hey … Who Parked in My Spot?

So Chris Baker, who had been sleeping in and not returning Lumbergh’s calls

might have taken another step at trying to punch his own ticket out of town at the OTAs last week.

Apparently it got a little bit worse when Chris Baker decided to stow his ride in former Team President Jay Cross’ parking spot during the OTAs the other week, according to Hutch on the Star-Ledger’s site last night.

During minicamp, Baker, who wants a new contract, angered the organization by parking his red Bentley in the “Team President” parking spot and refused to move it.

Ooops!  He must have been late for his meeting with the Bobs!  For a guy who has stated he wants to stay with the team, he sure has a funny way of showing it and to complain he isn’t paid enough, it’s SHOCKING to find that he’s spent more than $150,000 on a single car.