Interview: Jim Leonhard Wants You to Know Stickers Are for Kids

Today we had the chance to interview Jets Safety Jim Leonhard and it was a lot of fun – thanks to Farkas Eye Black.  You can listen to the whole interview above, but there was one interesting point to note: when asked about returning punts and if he misses it, Jim Leonhard told us he hasn’t returned any punts at this point in the season … but that the book isn’t written.  “Not yet” as he puts it, in his interview with TJB today.   Jim also talks with us about how he feels coming back from his injury,  what it’s like playing with two great corners and why he’s looking to get an INT this weekend in Oakland.

Our thanks to the fine folks at Farkas Eye Black and Jim Leonhard for joining us as the chairman of a very important campaign to stop the stickerization of the NFL via his “Athletes Against Stickers” campaign.  We’re asking you to “sign the petition” by checking out the Farkas Eye Black website, Facebook page, and on Twitter.