It’s Not A Lie … If You Believe it to be True …

Poor, poor, Randy Moss.  The man who needs the world to “show him love” isn’t getting it from the one man that he seems to need it from most.

No, not his father, you armchair psychologists … it’s Darrelle Revis from whom he craves it most.  Check this latest statement.

The new Minnesota Vikings receiver didn’t feel loved or appreciated by the New England Patriots, and he doesn’t feel respected by New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

"Between me and him is a mutual thing," Moss told the Vikings Entertainment Network. "It’s more of us competing. I think he gets caught up a little but with how he talks.

"I’ve never said anything about him, good or bad. I still give him his respect, but he hasn’t given me mine yet. Sooner or later, I’ll get it."

I lived in Massachusetts last year, and heard the genesis of this all over the radio after the Patriots Week 2 loss.  The start of Revis’ systematic disrespect stems from … the fact that Moss doesn’t respect himself by his own disrespect of Revis.

After last year’s shut down of Moss in Week 2 … here’s what Moss said to the press about Revis.

"All week he was talking about being a shutdown corner, but there really are no shutdown corners in the league because they have help most of the game," Moss said. "I probably could be a shutdown corner if I had (Patriots S Brandon) Meriweather over the top for the whole game. I think I could be a corner."

I went back and watched the telecast of that game multiple times … Moss was shut down plain & simple, and Rhodes was shading towards the other side of the field most of the game to bait Brady to throw … if you’ll remember, that was the whole bone of Rhodes’ discontent … that the Jets were using him as little more than a decoy … something he wasn’t very fond of.

I’m sure some will get up in arms about Moss’s latest statement, but the sad part is, Moss has been lost in a sea of “nobody loves me” his whole career .. hell … his whole life probably.  It’s genetically written code into most NFL receivers.

I don’t think Moss thinks he’s lying … he just is so delusional, he doesn’t even realize he’s contradicting himself.