Jeff Cumberland Hears Your Pain

With time to spare due to his Achilles’ injury last season,  Jets Tight End Jeff Cumberland did some stints around the Jets organization to get a wider sense of what it’s like to work within other parts of the New York Jets.

His least favorite part?  According to his Q&A with Connor Orr, listening in on conversations between ticketholders and sales reps.

I was doing an internship upstairs. I was switching from department to department, so one day I might be in ticket sales and marketing, so that helped the time go by faster. I’d be down here doing my rehab, then I’d go right upstairs after. It was pretty interesting. It helped me learn some stuff I wouldn’t want to do and some stuff I could probably see myself getting into. I like the design stuff; all the other stuff was cool, too. But I couldn’t see myself sitting at a computer all day or taking calls listening to people telling you stories and cursing you out and stuff like that. I wanted to (take some calls), I was in on the calls, but I didn’t actually say anything. You hear how foul they get, and me, I might slip up and say, ‘Well you know what?’ Some stuff I don’t need to be saying, so that job is not for me.

Well honestly, who could blame him?  But it would have been pretty amusing to think he was sassing them back.

Moral of the story? If you call the Jets to complain about your season tickets, beware.  There’s probably some currently injured backup Jets player listening in on your tearing of a customer service rep a new cornhole.  Right now, poor Jordan White is probably listening to a fan talk to a rep about how his seats at Shea were 1/20th the cost of what he’s currently paying.