Jets Sign Preseason Rushing Leader RB Marcus Mason and Squad Safety James Ihedigbo

Well … looks like I got every single possible move wrong. Not one right.  There ends my storied career as a GM. The Jets have signed RB Marcus Mason from the Baltimore practice squad and promoted practice squad Safety James Ihedigbo to the active roster.

Here’s my thoughts on the moves:

Marcus Mason RB (Youngstown State) — I am THRILLED at this signing.  Mason was the 2008 preseason leader in rushing yards for the Redskins.  With guys like Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, the Skins had an embarrassment of riches, so Mason lost his job and the Skins signed Shaun Alexander.  Even during the discussion of Alexander, the Skins were in deliberations to bring Mason back … I know Alexander is D-O-N-E, but to agonize over which player is a great sign of his promise.  With Mason, the Jets also have Ratliff and Clowney (all players who did well in the preseason) on their roster.  The Outsiders did a great article on preseason leaders and how they project that’s a good read if you want to know a little about Mason.  Mason is a stout 5-9 220, so he’s probably similar in build to Chatman.  He might have some fumbling issues to look out for though.  You can watch some of his college highlights here. Losing Chatman might end up been a blessing in disguise if this kid’s upside proves worth the payoff.

James Ihedigbo (Jets Practice Squad) — Eric Smith has shown two things this season:  that he’s not consistent, nor is he healthy enough to play this year.  Ihedigbo is a guy the Jets have been carrying on and off since last year.  Ihedigbo needed to bulk up some as a rookie and did.  He’s 6’1″ and added the lean muscle to play in the 215+ range.  He’s extremely smart and was born in Nigeria.  If the Jets have one guy on their roster who could project to being a future starter at Safety next to Rhodes, it’s Ihedigbo.