ManningWatch: LaCanfora Doesn't See Jets as Likely Spot

How realistic is Peyton Manning and the Jets?  NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora doesn’t see it as a viable option.

“I don’t think it’s very realistic at all,” La Canfora said. “Talking to general managers and other people around the league, they don’t think Tom Condon, Peyton’s agent, will ultimately put him with the Jets. You would have the situation with him and (Eli Manning), and there’s already that rivalry there. You have the tabloid culture in New York. You have a team that slipped, the running game wasn’t there. …

“You don’t have a lot of playmakers there right now. The defense slipped. And there will be other options, probably, that make more sense for Peyton Manning. I don’t see it happening.”

Between Santonio Holmes (who has made plays in the past, just not last year) Dustin Keller as the prototypical TE Peyton loves, an emerging slot receiver like Jeremy Kerley, there’s more than enough there to get Peyton started.  Tom Moore could easily “consult” again next year if they needed it, and while the running game looked bad … it won’t be that hard to correct with a better blocking TE and RT.  Shonn Greene will never be Edgerrin James, but since when has Peyton had a truly dominating runner in the last … oh … seven years?  As far as the defense, when it mattered, it ranked second in the league last year … so LaCanfora’s talk of slipping is ridiculous.

There’s 100 other reasons on why the Jets might not be the right place for Peyton Manning.  I think the whole both Manning brothers being in New York makes sense, it looks like most of LaCanfora’s reasons are  terrible.