Mike Florio Hurrying to Become Next Perez Hilton

mikeflorio.jpgFor the foreseeable future, I’m done with Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.

Sure, I’ll still scan his site to make sure I’m keeping up with stories for you all, but don’t expect me to link to anything that he’s writing about any time soon.

As best I can tell, Florio has a severe priapism when it comes to bashing the Jets. I don’t think it’s unfair to say, but as best I can tell he’ll never give the team credit for much of anything, and I’m done sifting through his stale Seinfeld or Office references just to find links to stuff that I’ve likely already read on Daily News, Newsday or the Post 12 hours prior.

Rather than post his ridiculous premise on why Rex Ryan is a feebleminded ninny with no locker room control — all because he underwent lap-band surgery as an intervention to help his health — I’m going to post comments that were made on his site in reaction to his own emotionally stunted prose.

Read on after the jump.

1) Haha you’re such a d—, Florio.

2) Horrible Florio.

3) … how about a little empathy and understanding? Weighing 140 pounds soaking wet in no way qualifies you to pass judgement on anyone with weight issues.

4) Seems like a pretty needlessly judgemental article. I get that it’s the offseason and there’s not mountains of news around, but criticising him for being undisciplined when he’s been a pretty successful coach just seems like unjustified editorialising.

5) Florio perhaps you should stick to pretending to analyzing things you know a little better … you are clearly talking about something you know nothing about. Perhaps this blog would be a better if you had a little discipline to research a topic before writing about it. Too bad there is no surgery for lazy journalism or you would be a prime candidate!

6) Wow, Florio, way to be a d-bag on this one… you are aware that Rex Ryan tried some old-fashioned methods of losing weight and didn’t do so well, RIGHT!?

7) Florio, Grow Up.

8) This is a ridiculous story.

9) Yikes, even as a Pats fan…this article is harsh

10) Florio continually tries to be funny by stooping to new lows. Yet his jokes fall flat and he just looks like a bigger moron. Sellout. Not funny. Find another line of work.

11) Is this offseason too mundane for you to feel the need to submit this kind of useless personal information about another human being? Seriously…WTF? This article sucks …

12) You are a d-bag Florio. I sure hope to God you don’t have any problems or vices. They guy has an eating problem and he is taking some step to help. Just a like smoker getting nicotine patches. But I am sure you have a perfect life and have complete self control over everything. …Real men look at people’s accomlishments and skills and make judgements. You look at his weight and make your judgement. A new low for you, but probably just seeing your true colors.

13) Keep making fun of him, Florio. It just shows your own lack of self-esteem …

14) the idea of willing supporting and encouraging such trash journalism makes me feel dirty.

15) I bet that you spend the whole day tomorrow trying to make amends.

Deliciously, Florio actually sullied himself in a descent from his ivory tower to make a statement on the subject in the comments. I’m sure he’s done it before, but it’s the first time I can remember him ever doing that.

To be clear, I’m not going to strike down what other writers on TJB do, I’m banning myself from any links to PFT. I’m just sick of feeding (albeit crumbs compared to their total readership) this beast anymore.

Our thanks to JetsFan4Life for sending this in.