Moore Consulting: Let’s Play This Out a Bit …

The Jets have not made it a secret that Tom Moore is part of the Jets staff this season as a consultant — but what’s the end game?  Moore has made it abundantly clear that he is there to “strictly observe” and has denounced negativity in all forms.  He doesn’t like being negative?  Well … there goes any shot of him becoming an OC in New York …

But let’s not forget the Jets lured Mike Westhoff back from retirement … it’s not like they haven’t done it before.  So what’s he here for?  Here’s some viable and non-viable thoughts I’ve had about his ‘behind the scenes’ role with the Jets.  Add your thoughts in the comments.

Red Zone Help — Last year the Jets were 28th in Red Zone efficiency and so one of the things that the Jets have been very forthright about is that they brought in Moore to help make that more potent.  This year the Jets are ranked 1st in that same statistic.

Validator of Offense — ‘Observing’ can take many forms.  I have to think that there’s some internal division on what the team thinks about Schottenheimer.  I have zero proof, but my best guess is that Rex isn’t all that enthused with his his OC’s abilities and maybe more importantly, the ethos of how he constructs an offense.  Meanwhile, the front office (Tannenbaum & Johnson) are more behind Schotty.  Maybe both sides agreed that bringing in a subject matter expert to perform a validation of Schottenheimer’s work was a partial benefit of also getting some red zone help?

More than Just Offensive Consulting but Coaching Consulting — Moore’s help to the offense this season has been good, but the Jets might be in the business of looking for a new coordinator this offseason.  It’s a common occurrence that when teams are facing real crisis in leadership, they look for former coaches – now consultants – to help them hire someone.  Guys like Dan Reeves have been in the news in recent years like this. So while Rex isn’t in question, his expertise in creating an offense sort of is.  So would the Jets rely on Moore help guide them in finding their next OC on which everyone can agree?

What About Bill? — Going into this season, the easy answer to replace Brian Schottenheimer was OL Coach / Running Coordinator? Bill Callahan.  The Jets prevented Callahan for interviewing for some vacancies this last offseason.  Is Callahan still the natural promotion for the Jets?  Do the Jets feel like they need something else

How About Eventual Replacement? — Now this is where it gets a little trickier.  Moore is 73 years old, doesn’t like negativity, and sounds like he’s enjoying his returement. But he’s got that itch and loves football.  But Rex relishes his presence.  But the players are all responding very positively to him.

Could the Jets pull a Godfather III on Moore?